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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Don't mind grammar, must have good spelling

    Simple enough. My responses and interests are listed above and are followed well enough. However, I am also willing to try most things at least once if it sounds interesting enough. There are a very few things that bother me and even fewer that trigger. Simply asking can also move things along very quickly. I'm not overly fond of Forum posts. However, I also won't deny them. I do prefer my role-plays to have a form of plot or story behind them, however I'm also more then happy to just have a fast paced adventure with no serious depth or thinking involved.

    Please read the things listed above. Things listed as will not are not negotiable

    To start things off I am mostly a fandom or fan fiction, writer. It's just what I'm used to and most comfortable with. However, I have been role-playing since abut 2007, which means that I'm interested in situations and ideas outside of them as well. As long as they are interesting enough to gain my interests and continue on with it. Communicate if we have issues and I will be happy to resolve them, or we can cut our ties and move on. This is all fun, right? No need to make it a dramatic nightmare.

    I'm fine with playing male, female, and anything and everything in-between. I tend to write in Third Person, but can also accept First Person styled role-plays. A big no-no for me is racism, unless it pertains to a plot or era that is taking place in a role-play. I also cannot tolerate discrimination. Just don't.

    Also, I'm here to role-play. So while I am also up for making friends and OOC Chat and talks, that's pretty much my limit. I'm not interested in any type of irl thing, or online relationships. I'm sure that won't be a problem, but I figured it was best to at least have this posted somewhere.

    If you have any questions I would be more then happy to answer them. For now, I'll wrap this up and move ahead. A pleasure meeting all of you. ^^

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