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    [Disclaimer: English is not my motherlanguage, I apologize in advance, but I will always try to do my best]
    [SKIP: Go directly to the Cards if you don't wanna read the introduction]

    I would like to present how I would like to be with an original story, if possible: story takes place in a random Medieval Fantasy world for everyone to experience as they please (location wise)

     It was a day like another for this kid, Nnyte, when he was charged for a commission right after coming back from a morning scouting mission across the city borders. With the sun still shining brightly in the clear almost cloudless sky, he just had to deliver some magic potions to the neighbor magic shack. So he went with his big crate on both his arms hovering all over his head, the funny blonde bunnyboy wasn't able to see in front of him 'till destination, where he was able to enter, door left open, only to find out tho that the owner wasn't in the shop. But that wasn't important, because an old fortune teller, guest of the place, was sitting in a dark corner of the shop, covered in a cowl, away from the entrance: "The owner is not here currently young boy, but while you're here, since you were so kind to deilver, what if I read your love life with my cards to you... for you... for free?" He was surprised at first, trying to focalize the image in the dark... getting closer, he was pretty much curious but reassured... "O... ok, sure, thank you miss" - "Oh my, what a good mannered child" she smlles - "I do always try to be as best mannered possibile >///<" then, the teller takes out a small cards box, slowly pulling out the content: "Well then... I shall begin..."
    disposed on the table like an opened fan, she was not touching them, they were magically coming out of the line by themselves flipped over, revealing titles:

    The Knight: Oh I see, you're a little brave hero, willing to save princesses and unarmed ladies, a true paladin of the citizens, but wait, this card seems really those to The Knight...
    The Rabbit: I see, a ~shy~ knight giggles, I wonder what are the weaknesses of this young kni- a card flies on The Rabbit...
    The Rose: naturally... W-what ?///?  this rabbit is weak to the same thing all men are weak to... delicate roses that can however... hurt with thorns... hehe~
    The Shadow: Oh, this is an interesting one, it always have another card beneath it, could you move it for me, young boy?
    beneath The Shadow > The Pig: Oh... giggles of course... I... I swear I don't... >///< The pig card flies over Nnytes mouth, tapping it There's no reason lying to my card young boy, and you're still young anyway, it's in your rights to dream...
    The Servant: even thou, it seems that you child are unable to dream from the above...
    The Bandit: it is rare to see someone being either The Bandit and The Knight! very hard to read, but from my experience, it should mean that you might like to stea- what's near it...
    The Heart: oh... feelings! to steal or be stolen... a young rabbit boy that likes to toy with feelings or his feelings being toyed with.. another cards goes near The Heart...
    The Cage: You like to belong... another card flies on the left side of The Cage
    Left to The Cage > The Succubus: to a perilous kind of person my boy... you really sure you want that? ~ I didn't do anything! o///o' But the cards are talkin'... a second card flies to the Right side of The Cage
    Right to The Cage > The Maiden
    : and they're saying you're conflictual, you like the Good side and the Evil side... wich is it, young rabbit? I... I don't know... ? >///>
    The Romance: and you dream of deep engagements and happy stories right after The Cage and The Succubus, you're an interesting child...
    The Light: But in the end you will still remain young and pure, tho your feelings are mixed between lust and pain...
    The Savior: ...still always caring and present for those in need...

    on that moment, the cards begin to fly above the table in mixed  but mostly circular motions, to then end up flying ordinately back into their small box...

    the cards have spoken young child, I wish you a good day...

    really surprised, with a deep respectfull bow, Nnyte then slowly walk backwards to the entrance once again, to leave... from this point on, it's all unwritten yet...

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