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    This is a list of my created characters for different scenarios. I will add more once I come up with even more ideas but here is what I came up with so far. P.S. I wqould like to state that any of the photos shown in my profile are not mine, and I will willingly remove them if the owner requests it. Enjoy 🙂

    scandal within riches.

     Ever since you were born your family had been the richest around thanks to your dad's company that built the best functioning flying vehicles. He was at the top of his game when the company had started, and he dedicated most of your life to learning how to operate it until one fateful day on your 16th birthday when som one built a vehicle so brilliant that it literally ran your father's company into the ground. Now he has no choice but to partner up with this company through a planned marriage to keep both his company and you afloat. Little did he know what your future husband had in store for you. 

    You learn something new every day

    As the new geek in school, you are the one picked on the most by the principles son who happens to be school bully. This bully caused so much trouble that you missed more class time then you should have, and eventually made it so bad that you were on the borderline of expulsion. The principle cared less what his son had done to make you late, and in all honesty, he took his side more than your own. Now you are at a position where you either be nice to his son, or say good bye to any good college you believe you will go to, and his son wasn't going to make it any easier for you. 

    the past returns

    Years ago you were introduced to the BDSM lifestyle by a sexy, yet rough mentor. it did not take long for you to become attracted by the certain kinks of the lifestyle but eventually, it had begun to scare you a little inside.Your mentor invited you to stay at his place and learn what it truly means to be his submissive,but because of your fear you ran away from him. Now your life is back to how it usually is, and you are engaged to be married. your fiance lacks the talents to please you sexually which is why you held your virginity for so long, but he doesn't know that. To him, you are just playing hard to get. Eventually, he works up the nerve to allow you to meet his best friend who is said to be so attractive that every girlfriend that he had introduced him to had attempted to be with him, but he is such a good friend that he rejects them. little to his knowledge or yours his friend is your old mentor that you ran away from years ago.

    Sometimes secret admirers must remain a secret.

     You were once a happily married woman in the prime of your life until one day your husband was taken away from you by a local gang. Your son had dealt with the wrong type of people and your husband was foolish enough to protect him until the bitter end.for years your son and you had spent as much time as possible bridging the huge gap the gang had made between the two of you. meanwhile, you have been getting harassed by a secret admirer. They call you every night, and it eventually got to the point that they would leave gifts and presents at your door. Being a lonesome widow you could not help but eventually accept their advances. The gifts continue along with the kinky yet romantic calls until one day to your surprise the admirer comes to visit you. After that, everything begins to change.

    I can do bad all by myself

    As a teenager you are of course a rebel. Your mom, and dad split years ago which made your life hard. Everyday was a new step dad,or uncle. None really mattered since they never lasted the week,but this one was a "keeper." He not only had your mom brainwashed into thinking he was jesus christ incarnate, but he also had wandering eyes. He was checking you out. At first you thought you was paranoid until one day he dry humped you right next to the fridge. Were you going to tell him stop? Of course not. Nobody has touched you there ever,and he was well hung. If mom hadn't walked in the middle of you ejaculating you would have let him go all the way. Ever since that day you knew daddy had some plans for you.



    A fair trade went wrong

       This is feudal Japan and crime fills the streets of its cities but how were you supposed to know that? The Yakuza clan of bandits were beaten and run out of town by a new clan called the "Shagutomi." and since Yakuza had ruled over that city for years and were feared by all the Shagutomi must have been a lot worst.you just moved to Japan with your father who is a well-known translator and now the new representative of Japanese council and if that did not give you enough attention already then lets not forget that he is as well a drastic gambler and in so much debt that he had to skip town to Japan in the first place. Yet again how were you to know that? you are nothing but mere daddy's girl trying to get by day by day. Unknowing that soon your life will change for the worst.

    during the years of feudal Japan, the Yakuza gang was the only thing people thought to worry about. That was until a stronger and even more horrifying gang came along called The Shagutomi gang came along. This gang was more savage then the Yakuza and everyone in Japan were expected to pay. Even the most skilled samurai could not hold this gang which made even the authorities scared of them.They were all skilled swordsmen and the most skilled was a division the Shagutomi boss called " The red robed ghosts." which lived up to it's name of course since the only thing left of them were rumors, most that came in contact with them are either too scared or shamed to speak or dead.

    Famu was raised in Japan before he moved to the States as an interpreter to the ambassador for a treaty. He had been sober the whole time he was in the states but when he had to return home until the next treaty he drank and gambled himself wild. It was these habits of his that made him lose everything like his lights, food sometimes, and eventually feelings for his daughter. His habits had become an addiction stronger than any drug that soon made him lie to his very own blood just to justify his money problems. eventually, he cut a gamble with the Shagutomi that he will soon pay for.

    Hence Medieval times!

    Happy Coronation princess!

    For years your family has been the wealthiest kingdom on earth. In fact, your kingdom is so wealthy that even your servants can afford decent lives but that wealth came at a high price. Your people have been a greedy bunch only hungering for more and perfection. this greed is the curse that plagues the kingdom and causes you to wage war unknowing the vicious strength of your opponents.You have been at war with other kingdoms for five years straight and it has gotten so bad that men must have a child before even joining the army in case he fails to conquer the other kingdom.Eventually, your father dies in the war and you are forced to go through a Coronation to become the new queen.

    Little did you know that your own brother was the true reason behind your father's death. Ever since your brother was crowned he had completely changed the kingdoms standards and traditions. It immediately had gotten so bad that the grand council of the kingdom was ready to start an all out war with the princess as their spearhead. As soon as your brother had gotten wind of your betrayal he had the council executed and used your close friends as bargaining chips to force you to do whatever he wished. Now you will soon realize that corruption like chaos doesn't take long to spread.

    Option 2

    Your Coronation is disrupted by a treaty that will indeed save your kingdom from further slaughter. as the new queen, you decide to sign such a treaty to ensure the safety of the kingdom without even reading the fine print on the paper. now you will be forcefully married to a king whom you have no idea who he is or what is his plans for the kingdom.

    Option 3

    In the merchant city of Garnetia everything seemed to be turned literally upside down. Your father had been poisoned months ago, and with him gone merchants everywhere had been ruling the streets. A street gang went rampit, and eventually became the community of the city, and to make matters worst your peasants were soon to rebel. With one of your brothers on the run, and another basically disappearing out of thin air. It was fully up to you to try and hold dear a city your father built with his bare hands. The queen of your nation could not tolerate how things were going for your city, so she decided that it needed a new king. Fortunately enough your bastardized brother made his way up the ranks just for such an occasion. Although it was a little suspicious how he had gained such a rank. The head queen personally chose him to be your new king and husband.

     The way of the brand

      in the city of Orzammar, there are three factions. The royals, the commoners, and finally the castless.The casteless dwarves live in the ghetto of Dust Town, a crumbling ruin where the old royal palace used to be, on the fringe of the Orzammar Commons district and in the shadow of the rich and powerful. Born with no rights, raised without any formal education and considered non-people, these dwarves make a living often as thugs for the Carta, beggars, street sweepers, and as noble hunters, among many other menial tasks, as the Assembly of Orzammar, during the reign of King Darbir, declared that it insults the Ancestors for casteless dwarves to perform any work that a dwarf of recognized caste can perform.Casteless dwarves are branded soon after birth with a tattoo to identify them.

    These unfortunates are believed to be descendants of criminals and other undesirables and have therefore been viewed as rejected by the Ancestors since Orzammar's foundation.

    To the rest of Orzammar, the casteless do serve an important social function in that they remind other dwarves that in spite of the ravages of endless war with the dark spawn and other turmoil within the city, their lot could be far worse. Beyond that, Dust Town and it's casteless provide the city with a supply of dwarves skilled in subterfuge and other less savory talents, and higher-caste dwarves do not hesitate to make use of them for their own ends.

    nobody leaves dust town without the help of the Carta. As part of the casteless, the Dwarf Commoner is extremely poor and has to run errands for the local crime boss, Beraht, in order to stay alive. The Dwarf Commoner's sister is also working for Beraht, but is trying to find a wealthy male suitor while the Dwarf Commoner has to do some of Beraht's more unsavory tasks. The first one is finding and killing Oskias, a smuggler who has been hiding lyrium from Beraht. The next task Beraht gives the Dwarf Commoner is to drug a fighter's drink in the Proving, thereby rigging the event so the fighter Beraht has bet on can win. The Dwarf Commoner makes it to the Proving Ground, only to find that Beraht's fighter, Everd, has passed out from drinking too much. Since failure is not an option since he had already failed the last time. The Dwarf Commoner decides to wear the fighter's armor and win his match for him. Unfortunately, Everd stumbles out into the field just before the last battle, and the Dwarf Commoner must reveal the deception. Beraht managed to apprehend and imprison the Dwarf Commoner in his personal dungeon while deciding to finally take his revenge out on his sister.


    Dreams come true in strange ways

    Your life was a rough one to live. You spent your time scouring the streets looking for food and a drink every now and then. when you really just wanted to go on a cruise and drink tea like a normal English woman. one day you decide to stow away on a tea cargo ship as a sort of vacation from your way of life but it seems your tough luck follows you even there. Pirates soon come to seize the ship and kill everyone on board. You are now left at a crossroads. Will you help those that once called you a thief and threatens to kill you or will you just hide in the shadows and hope that you will be able to escape without being noticed?

    {Furry/human war timeline}

    Ever since the furry, and human war, there have been a lot of changes in society in dealing with them. Most furries by now are either in home slaves, or worker slaves. Some  chose to run away, or are still hiding somewhere. They can't really hide forever though. The humans won both the battle, and the war. Now furries like you will have to deal with it.

    Option A

    By the time you were born they even began interspecies schooling for the remnants of the past. You just happen to be one of them in the first school ever built. Your mom was a furry who happened to fall in love with her owner.  Their relationship blossomed under time which is how you came to be. Her husband didn't want to sell you because he felt that you were his offspring, so instead, he treated you like you were a human even if your tail and cunt said otherwise. You are the only one of your kind going to school which makes you an outcast. Nobody really pays attention to you, and why should they? In their eyes, you are a freak of legend which was okay with you until you began your heat cycle at the late age of seventeen.  Ever since the beginning of high school, you have seen students come, and go. One of them students though stook out like a sore thumb. He was the all around bad boy that most girls adored, and boys knew to stay away from. He is also the only boy who has ever paid attention to you period. At first, it was an innocent little thing you two had going. He stood up for you when people makes fun of you.He would slap you on the ass and give you words of encouragement whenever you did something above average like being the smartest one in school or sticking up for yourself until finally, things got a bit out of hand. A couple of students were trying to put you down by saying you will never find a mate in your entire life who would accept who you were. The bad boy of your dreams not only stood up for you but dry-humped you in front of everybody to prove a point. That is the same day that your heat cycle started, and the funny thing is it isn't going to stop till it gets what it wants.[/collapse]
     [collapse=Option A1] By the time you were born they even began interspecies schooling for the remnants of the past. You just happen to be one of them in the first school ever built. Your mom was a furry who happened to fall in love with her owner. Their relationship blossomed under time which is how you came to be. Her husband didn't want to sell you because he felt that you were his offspring, so instead, he treated you like you were a human even if your tail and cunt said otherwise. You are the only one of your kind going to school which makes you an outcast. Nobody really pays attention to you, and why should they? In their eyes, you are a freak of legend which was okay with you until you began your heat cycle at the late age of seventeen. Ever since the beginning of high school, you have seen students come, and go. Never did you suspect any of them to pay much attention to you because no one has ever done it before, but little did you know that your teacher had big plans for you. He had always had an eye out for you, and since your first heat cycle starts today. He finally has the chance to carry out his sick desires.

    Be careful. It's a trap!

    Adventurous in the face of heat

     Ever since you were born you were rejected by everyone within the tribe. Nobody wanted their children to even attend school with you let alone be int he same room with you, and to make things worst your father was so ashamed of you that he barely even talked to you. Your mother had to provide you with everything you ever wanted, and eventually, that wouldn't be enough to satisfy you. As soon as you turned sixteen you would eventually be in heat, and your father wanted to lock you away in a far cabin to prevent you breeding with him. Little did he know that Jarrod would be on the hunt for a mate, and your constant clit rubbing made you very easy to find.


    furry characters
    the fearless leader of the outlander's pack which are a group of wolves hell bent on taking anything they damn well, please.
    full body

     Duke Stallion

    full body Zemuse is literally the biggest most badest horse you would ever see trotting around in the barn, and whenever the farmers away he isn't afraid .

    Listen up! I most likely read your kink list and if it is in the no section it will not happen. I  will not announce all the kinks I will do to you.There is a difference between rping and fucking. Fucking is predictable. When you ask for the kinks you know what is happening so you allow it just for the fuck. Rp is suspenseful. When you rp you rp to determine the outcome. THAT BOYS AND GIRLS is what ROLEPLAY is all about.

    {Sword art online plots} under construction]
     ALfheim Online» (アルヴヘイム・オンライン, Aruvuheimu onrain?, abbreviated as ALO) is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) in the Sword Art Online series that was released a year after the beginning of the «Sword Art Online» incident.[1] It is compatible with any FullDive device. The game features nine races of fairies, whose goal is to reach the top of the giant World Tree, in order to meet the Fairy King Oberon. It was said that Oberon would turn the first starting race to reach the top of the World Tree into the legendary race of ALFs, with the ability to fly for an unlimited time, but this later proved to be a lie. Once ALO was acquired by Ymir, unlimited flight, except in dungeons, was granted to all fairy races.
    Originally selected by Asuna's father to marry Asuna, Oberon was adopted into her family on her father's wishes. He attended the same school with Kayaba Akihiko, whom he viewed as his rival, and Koujiro Rinko, whom he repeatedly courted.[5] Once «Sword Art Online» (SAO) was cleared, thus disabling the security of the SAO servers, he was able to hack into the SAO server via the router and reroute the minds of three hundred SAO players including Asuna, to ALfheim Online. He then utilized these players as test subjects for research on controlling peoples' emotions and memories. In ALfheim Online he adopted the persona of Fairy King Oberon.


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