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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    Hello, and welcome to my (poorly designed) preference page!

    A note before going further:
    I won't be accepting new roleplays.
    I rarely come on here anyways, so you might be left waiting for months before a reply of any kind comes from me.

    The "Important stuff" section

    I like long-lasting, slow-burn kind of roleplays, where plot and character development, not smut, takes first place. I believe that it's better to create a starting relationship between characters before diving straight into the sex scenes, so the payoff feels better. While I am amicable to writing out some quick sex scenes, they would probably happen in EcchiChat (which barely anyone uses these days) and be rather short and quick-paced.

    Since sentence/paragraph/line amounts are an unreliable way of measuring reply length (5 sentences can be anywhere from 30 words to 300 and occupy one to 15 lines depending on the device's size), I usually use word count instead. And while my responses tend to be in the 200-300 word range, I often find myself trying to return the same amount that I receive from my partners (although my responses usually end up up to 50 words short). On occasion I might reply with a single sentence to five pages, if I can't figure out what my character could do, or you've just given me so much fluff that It's hard follow what's happening.
    As for what I expect in your English - proper capitalisation, apostrophes and consistent tenses/pronouns are a must, as well as a simple spell-check (use Microsoft Word or Goggle Docs to keep a track of this; I sure do on longer posts). There's nothing better to throw me out of a story than non-existent punctuation or grammar that causes me to laugh at the jumble of words on my computer screen (and forces me to fix the errors in a document so that I can take it seriously).

    In case you need an example of what kind of reply I would like to see:


    The scene: My character is rushing to Uni, and crashes into your character, having their first meeting. This is only a small part of the story; [..] indicates that there is more text meant to be there.

    [..] While Crow was rushing to her university, a cup of cooled coffee in hand, a man suddenly appeared right in front of her, making her inevitably crash into him. As she was falling on the ground, the coffee cup slipped out of her grip and landed on the concrete, but not before splashing the businessman that was laying on the ground next to her.

    Here's how you should write in the roleplay response:


    [..] The sudden impact of another person caused the businessman to stumble and nearly fall on the pavement, scuffing his suit in the process. However this wasn't the worst part - the coffee that was in the girl's hand poured onto his jacket, almost ruining it. Thankfully it wasn't at a boiling temperature, otherwise he would have most certainly gotten scalded.

    While at first he wanted to yell at the young woman for ruining his suit, one look at the harried student made him rethink his actions. Instead of forcing her to pay for the dry-cleaning, he got up, dusted off some of the dirt that was on his suit and gave the young woman on the ground in front of him a hand with small smile on his lips. "Drew Marovo. Pleased to make your acquaintance."[..]

    • Use of synonyms to refer to my character
    • Language describing his character's thoughts and appearance
    • Proper punctuation and grammar

    Here's how you shouldn't:


    the crash caused him to stumble and fall, cofe ruinin his jacket

    wshile a first he wanted to yell at the woman for ruining his jacket, her look made him thing otherwise he got up and gave woman on the ground in front of him a hand   Drew Marovo. pleased to make your acquaintance.  

    • The same word used over and over (woman)
    • Poorly describing what happened to the character
    • Poor grammar and almost no punctuation
    • No capital letters, besides his character names

    While I bastardized my own response due to laziness, I've sadly gotten a few story messages in a similar style.

    I've mainly selected the kinks up there that I have had experience roleplaying previously, so if you don't see a certain kink up there that is a turn-on for you, try asking me about it - chances are that I will try it out. But if you find the text block hard to navigate, you can check the gallery below this for a more visual representation of some of my non-vanilla kinks. I have excluded images that would violate the ToS (specifically section 18), although that doesn't necessarily mean that I don't like them. Sadly, the gallery in question was deleted, and I didn't keep a backup for them on my hard drive (for obvious reasons). Maybe someday I'll restructure it when I'll have the interest.


    My (current) top turn-ons:
      ● Female x Futanari pairings (both willing to utilise all parts)
      ● Bondage and fetish wear (latex bodysuits, leather, etc.)
      ● Crossdressing (I've found myself enjoying quite a few hentai mangas that feature a trap)


    The "Additional Info" section

    Please don't come to me asking to RP if you don't have a plot hook. If you want to partner up with me, think up of one (or a few) alongside the vague outline of characters that might be the pushing force of the story. It doesn't need to be as exquisite as LoTR or GoT (the books, not the movies/TV shows, since people say that they were bad), a simple 'classmates, who have secret crushes on each other, get wasted in a graduation party and accidentally start an orgy' will work. It would be nice if you at least have a vague description of what you would like for my character to look like, so I can ask the Almighty Mother Google for reference pictures. No real-life images please, only drawings3d models are iffy, but I might be able be persuaded if they don't look like plastic dolls.

    If you have a burning need to roleplay with me specifically, but can't think up a plot hook and characters for us to roleplay as, you can check out the gallery below. My characters there have some basic info written about them - their name, the setting they might be housed in, their personality - but you are welcome to modify them for the roleplay ideas you have. Just don't suddenly changing a character of mine to something they clearly weren't meant to be, like turning Mari into a crossplayer of our 21st century or forming Margaret into a sex-starved nympho.

    Additionally, you can check the small list of roleplay idea hyperlinks I have at the bottom of this page. If I did everything right when writing them, they should be properly linked to this preference page.


    The "Kink Clarification" section

    This list will most likely change each time I get a request or RP message that rubs me the wrong or right way as my preferences get cleared up more and more. It may change massively every hour, or have only a few words added/removed once every few months. Depends on my activity and boredom.

    IMAGE CHOICE: Drawn character references only. End of story. If you want to show off an environment, photos are fine, as long as they don't contain people. If you want to show some set of clothes one of our characters would wear, use a drawn reference, even if the outfit in question isn't worn by a character who is visually similar to the one you'd want to wear the outfit.

    LOLI/SHOTA: While initially I was quite interested in lewding these underaged/miniature humans, I've begun to realise what I actually liked about them. Not their (obvious) young age, but rather their appearance - short stature, small breasts/dick/butt (not necessarily miniature or non-existent), youthful face. This doesn't mean that I'm against playing as/with young characters (read - younger than 16), but you'd better have a damn good reason why they've been exposed to the world of sex and all the dirty stuff that can be found there. And no, simply saying "they are actually an immortal who has lived for a 100+ years" is not a good enough excuse, especially if they are meant to act like a brat or an infant.

    FUTANARI: I'm pretty sure everyone knows how a stereotypical futanari looks, right? Humongous tits going way past G cup, a massive cock that could put some horses to shame with its length (sometimes even several of them!), tennis ball sized testes swimming in 5+ liters of semen, etc., etc. Well, the futanaris I prefer are nowhere near that presumption, if anything, they are the exact opposite - breasts no larger than D cups, a sane, human-sized length (in the 10-20 cm range) and a pair of normal-sized or nonexistent pair of balls (this is a perfect example of what I'm looking for).

    FURRY: While I'm not against playing with/as anthropomorphic characters, I haven't selected the kink in the 'fetishes' section, because it really depends on the face-claims and my mood at that time. It's actually possible that a furry picture of your or my character you send might put me off because of various reasons, one of them being the uncanny valley. Best option might be to steer clear from anything that seems to be drawn in MS Paint, lacks any shadows or is drawn with a rather unrealistic colour palette. If you want to write this kink out with me by any means possible, you could try to describe the characters (both your and mine) with words, and have me find your appearance that would (hopefully) suit both our tastes.

    INCEST: Although I like incest stories and often use hentai based around them to get myself off, I refuse to roleplay as a mother of any kind for your character. I get that you might love the (rather idiotic) Freudian Oedipus complex, but understand that I do not enjoy roleplaying myself as the parent. When I say 'I like incest', I usually mean sexual relationships between blood-related characters that are usually of the same generation, i.e. no more than 5ish apart in age. Some of the pairing examples - brother-sister, aunt-niece, stuff like that. Sometimes I might be persuaded to roleplay inter-generational incest, but it really would depend on my mood at that time and whether the prompt is juicy enough for me to bite.

    INTERRACIAL/INTERSPECIES: While I haven't added these two to my 'will roleplay' section, I am not against our characters being from different biological 'families' with different genomes (catgirl, wolfboy, lamia, etc.) or with differing skin colours (black, white, albino, green, etc.). I simply don't enjoy the massive focus that some people always choose to press on it, due to one race being considered 'better' or 'purer' than another. If the character's race/skin colour doesn't massively affect their social status or is the central feature around which their personality is built around, I'll be fine with that.

    FANDOMS: While I don't have anything against fandom roleplays per se, unless it's a series I'm very familiar with or have never heard about it in my life, I most likely will give the offer a hard pass. I find it more comfortable to roleplay when there isn't a set world whose rules my character needs to obey; it's a lot easier for me to form the world around to accommodate our characters. This applies even more to canon characters - in most cases if you suggest that either of us roleplay as one, I will immediately shoot you down without trying to find a workaround. There is a small chance that I might take up the mantle of your chosen character, but it is oh so minuscule.


    Hoping to hear of your hopefully good roleplay ideas soon,

    ~ Crow ~

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