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  • Thera’s Preferences.

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I prefer not to say
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    DISCLAIMER: The views and/or actions of ANY characters in no way, shape or form reflect the views and/or actions of Thera Regina.

    RP BACKGROUND: I have been Roleplaying for several years now. I first started on a site called ReignofBlood, which is basically a vampire MMORPG and it just spiralled from there. I'm a writer you see, and sometimes my RPs inspire stories. For example, I once did a Transformers RP with a friend on Skype, and it led to me writing a 42 chapter fanfiction called Shifting Hearts. So, I would say that I'm an experienced Roleplayer, and I do love to hash out details.

    RESTRICTIONS: I will ABSOLUTELY NOT do any Roleplay containing Inflation, Macro/Micro, Vomit or Vore. So please...don't ask.

    EXTRA INFO: I have created my own species, they're called Shifters. They're not however, the same as what some of these famous authors have done, no...my Shifters are special. I'll give you an excerpt from my story Shifting Hearts...'Story goes that a Shape Shifting goddess formed a forbidden bond with a mortal human, mating with him several times. When the other gods and goddesses found out about this forbidden bond, they executed the human male and locked the goddess up. Soon after, the Shape Shifting goddess bore three children, two girls and one boy, this angered the other gods and goddesses and they planned to execute the children as penance for the Shape Shifting Goddess' sins.

    It's said that when the goddess heard about this, she bestowed upon her three children her powers, giving them the ability to shift their form at will. To her first daughter, she bestowed the ability to shift into any airborne animal, to her second daughter, the ability to shift into any waterborne animal and to her only son, she bestowed the ability to shift into any land based animal. It's said that she then sent them to Earth.'

    So...that's how my Shifters came to be.

    CURRENT RPS: None Right Now.

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