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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Don't mind spelling, must have good grammar

    Writing preferences.


    This is quite a simple list. But one that can easily tell you if We match in terms of writing preferences. 


    • Normally the more to write the better, but I found that not everyone exactly enjoys it thus I found that the length of 4-6 paragraphs is that sweet spot for me allowing me to enjoy the RP even if I'm not writing whole pages. (1-3 paragraphs are fine too!)
    • I don't have any problem with playing in Third Or the first person, either way, works for me.
    • Usually, I find myself putting a strong emphasis on the character's emotions and tend to describe certain feelings coursing through them during the scene. Such writing is not required from you I'm just stating that if perhaps you find this type of writing boring or simply hate it.
    • Whether it's smut or story and smut, I tend to describe the world or just push us forward. I expect the same from you. I'm not a GM so anyone who's interested in mutual worldbuilding or just enjoys pushing the story forward with every response is welcome!
    • I can play Via this site's chat and messaging features, public threads, discord, (though discord is the least preferred given the 2000 character's limit on it.) Google Docs etc.


    Availability&My preferences regarding your Availability.


    • I usually try to respond as soon as I get the message and have time to write out a proper response. Given a part-time job and an outside life I don't always have that luxury from Monday to Friday, although weekends allow me to have much more time both to write and talk.
    • I won't disappear without a word. I tend to leave a heads up if I won't be able to respond to you. Often specifying how long I would be inactive. If possible I ask for the same thing. But it's not required. (Discord is also encouraged for that if EcchiDreams has a mobile app then it's fine but if I'm stuck at work I can just message you on discord to inform you I'll be busy a bit longer.)
    • As for waiting for responses from you. Life's tough for all of us so I think 2 weeks is enough time. So yeah if you won't reply or just will be silent for two weeks straight I'll assume you ghosted or just lost interest in the RP. I'll probably send a message after the first week to ask if you still want to do it/are doing okay etc. 

    Stuff I dislike

    • One-liners and expecting me to od all the work.


    How to approach me.

    If you want to try and play with me feel free to send me a note! If one of my posted RP ideas interested you just tell me which. If you are wondering if I would be a good partner for your idea present it. I'll give you an honest answer if I'm interested or not. I don't bite! 



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