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  • Trianna Preferences

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: No Preference

    I would like to specify that I'm gynephilic. I only play with female-type characters. Females, Herms, and Shemales. With that also being my order of preference. 

    Post Length, Literacy, and Grammar: Like it says above 1-3 paragraphs is my preferred post length. So if we're playing, please try to at least give me that? I don't know about the rest of you, but I enjoy details. At a minimum try to give me a 4 sentence paragraph in response! Literacy is also super important to me! I know I'm no master of the literary arts, but your sentences need to make sense at the very least. Capitalization and punctuation are  the quickest way to turn me off. Failing at them, that is! (Ex: i felt there fingers in my mind but your going to make it stop ) You're killing me with that, and I'll end the rp on the spot. 

    Independent Submissives: I very much enjoy partners who are strong, independent women with their own goals and drives, but chose to be submissive towards my characters. (ex.: A powerful sorceress who commands an army of undead and has a kingdom under her thumb, but eagerly sheds her clothes and drops to her knees for a demonic mistress.) 

    Sex Slaves: On the flip side~ I also enjoy partners who's sole purpose in life is my characters' pleasure or to be bred like an animal. 

    More Extreme Things: I occasionally delve into the crazier, more eccentric side of things. To the point I have very few upper limits. My strict sexual Noes are Scat, Gore, and Vore. I'm adverse to Water Sports, but should it be appropriate within the context of the Rp, I'm quite fine with your character pissing themselves out of fear. 

    Secretly Corrupt: Nuns, Priestesses, Princesses, Schoolgirls, anything that shows a public face of chastity and innocence but becomes a complete whore for my character behind closed doors. 

    Elves: So beautiful~ So mysterious~ So, fucking, tight! Elves come in so many different flavors and I absolutely adore them all. If you want to play an elf of any sort in an Rp with me, regardless of setting, I would be happy to adjust and adapt to make it work. 



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