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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Roleplay Length: Long Roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent
      Preferred Post Length: Short (2-4 Sentences per Post)

      I will roleplay these fetishes: Anal, BDSM, Blowjobs, Bondage, Breasts, Double Penetration, Female Domination, Fetishism, First Times, Gangbangs, Handjobs, Humiliation, Incest, Maids, Male Domination, Orgies, Pet/Master, Rape, Strap-Ons, Tattoos, Threesomes, Toys, Triple Penetration, Uniforms, Yuri

      I might roleplay these fetishes: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay: Adult Baby, Amputees, Ass to Mouth, Body Modification, Feet, Impregnation, Rimjobs, Scat, Tentacles
      Genre's I will Roleplay: City, Romance, Sex only

      Genre's I might Roleplay: Not Specified

      Genre's I won't roleplay: Horror, Survival
      What kind of characters I will roleplay with: Human, Student, Teacher, Teenagers, Virgins

      What kind of characters I might roleplay with: Not Specified

      I will not roleplay with these types of characters: Alien (Extraterrestrial), Animals, Furry

    Hi there ^^

    I'll only roleplay as a human girl ^^ But I am very open to rp with men, women or futas and can be a sub with all of them, dom only with girls.

    I'm quite open to a lot of things, including quite rough domination, so feel free to ask me questions if you'd like to rp but are not sure if I'd like it or not

    English isn't my first language so please don't get angry if I do a few mistakes I'm trying my best. I obviously don't expect you to be perfect either but would like it if you have some basic grammar and vocabulary~

    I like when the answers are relatively long (one big or 2 paragraph) but will try to match the lenghth of your replies and I'm fine with shorter or longer ones too.

    Thanks if you've read all the way down here and hope to talk to you in a rp soon ~

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    A super fun girl to roleplay with! 

    Is understanding and doesn't mind to talk about anything that might make it a more enjoyable experience.
    She makes it quite easy to properly imagine the scenes and draws one in with the details, especially ones that are on the rougher side, whether she plays the sub or the dom.
    Also a very friendly person who is open to discuss a lot of ideas while making that already a pleasant task.
    Overall great writing! Would instantly roleplay with again if I wasn't already doing that!

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