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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
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    I'm a dark RPer who enjoys twisted romantic plots. I love for romance to be the focus of my RPs, but no where near the conventional sense of the word. I do not do fluff, and I do not do healthy relationships. I like abuse and physiological horror relationships, but ends in a "sweet" fairy tale out come. I'm heavily Sadomasochistic, and I don't RP without the element, I'm not much of a gore fan, but the abuse is intense, so heed this now.

    One big sum of my characters and their romance could be described as "Yandere", for the Japanese fans out there. I love, love, love this!

    I'm a female who have been RPing for nearly a decade +, and I consider myself "advance" at RPing, I don't mind who I RP with, and I don't mind what post they make, as long as it legible and doesn't stray into OOC/Meta/"Sue" territory. I generally write really long post, especially on the first reply, I hope no one feels intimidate by it, and by no means do I expect my partners to match it; I just need something to respond to.

    I play both female and male characters (rarely male, rarer YAOI), I hold double-standards for which gender I RP as, and I prefer heterosexual romances. My males are always Dominant, while my females can range from Dominant, to Switch, to submissive (my females usually hold a sense of dominance in them, regardless). I prefer Dom/Dom relationships, but can settle for anything, really, I don't enjoy "needy"/"emo" sub partners, however, especially with my female characters.

    I'm really feeling Daddy Dom relationships, and is interested in exploring it, even if mild.

    I highly enjoy virginity, and I always make virginal female characters—no exception—it's up in the air if I take on a virgin male character, though sometimes the muse strikes (my partners can request that I don't, however). This is not required of my RP Partners, it is just specifically for my characters alone, though I do enjoy virginal RP partners' characters, even more so if they are male (don't feel pressured to make one, though). My virgins are rarely naïve or "saints", so if you're looking for a sheltered innocent, ignorant to sexuality, you won't find that here (unless you ask nicely).

    I value "mate for life" mentality, and my plots strongly focus on that, Soulmates is the goal.

    I heavily fetish fidelity, and my characters regard cheating as "the worst crime a person can commit"; this does not mean I don't enjoy cheating/infidelity plots, my masochism won't allow it. Cheating plots comes with special conditions, that usually makes the main characters (my character and my partner's) either having an affair with each other (your character is a husband, my character is the mistress, etc.), or the cheating is entirely the sole role of my RP partner's character (your character cheats on my character); my characters rarely, if ever, cheats, but my female characters would never cheat sexually.

    I do enjoy Fanfic RPs, but I specifically like CanonxOC characters, and they're generally male Canon characters, and its entirely guilty pleasure of my own selfish, shameless fantasies; sometimes I RP the canon characters, most of the time I prefer OC, it depends on how I feel about it. I'll come back around to list my fandoms later, it's broad and very specific.

    I believe that's everything, don't be afraid to ask me any concerning questions, I'm open to answering them!


    Pairings are small ideas I have, but not really well thought out plots; help me flesh them out! If gender isn't indicated, I don't care which, bold is the role I would like to play, colored is the pairing I'm most interested in. I prefer to play female and het, but if you can toss a really good plot to convince me otherwise, I might play male and/or YAOI:

    Alien(m) -x- Human(f)

    Alien -x- Alien [Earth]

    Merfolk -x- Human

    Merfolk -x- Merfolk

    Villain -x- Villain

    Butler -x- Mistress

    Weredog(m) -x- Werecat(f) [Pack Hierarchy]

    Dragon -x- Royalty

    Android(m) -x- Human(f)

    Goddess -x- God

    Plots I'm currently into and seeking, I got the ideas covered, but you can help edit. Some have fandom influence, that have been subtracted, so if interested, ask me which fandom it belongs to!:

    A Witch wants to use a powerful King to birth a dragon, the King wants an heir with equal power to that of a dragon; they come to an agreement that the Witch would get her dragon first and she'd give the King his heir second. The King doesn't trust the Witch, and uses outside magic to score his heir first, while also growing an attachment to the Witch, who certainly won't return his feelings if she finds out about this betrayal. I play the Witch, you play the King. King can be any race/species, just not an actual dragon, to keep with the lore. Not a pregnancy RP(can be), if continued, baby doesn't play a role (or is seen at all). Will have non-con, drugs/potions, and pregnancy controversies (abortion, miscarriage, abandonment).


    A nerd ask his female (only)friend to help him understand women, it starts off cute, but quickly becomes a fuck buddies situation, that gets messier and messier as the nerd gains super powers, and starts to juggle multiple women along with his heroism. The more the nerd neglects his fuck buddy for his fame both out of and in the suit, the more she strays down a dark path, until she, too, gets super powers; however, instead of becoming a hero, she becomes a villain, who has a bone to not so sexily, but very erotically, pick with a certain philanthropist turned philanderer. I play the Villain, you play the Hero. Can RP the fuck buddies status, or jump straight to Villain -x- Hero. Will have tentacles, non-con, promiscuity, and infidelity (maybe even extramarital).


    Twin Greek deities of youth, figuratively “joined at the hip” used to celebrate their birthday on the First Day of Summer together with a feast and merry making; their celebration represented coming of age for mortals. Long, long ago that all changed for reasons neither of them remembers, now neither can stand being around the other, and every Summer, they have a war where one “kills” the other as their birthday celebration. This year, both twins find themselves at a stalemate, which rouse the question of why they came to hate each other to begin with; one offers an olive branch. Mystery plot with a secret I keep from you (I, of course, know why they really hate each other), I can play either male or female twin (I prefer female, convince me), the twin you play is the one that extends the olive branch. Room for any pairing (As deities, they can be anything, historical or modern). Will have non-con, “incest”, “death”, and alcohol/drug abuse.

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