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    If you plan on reading this preference sheet, no need to read ABOUT ME. I wrote this assuming you haven't. If you'd like a TL;DR, then please do go to ABOUT ME.


    My name's (look up there, next to the post title! ↑), and it's 5 am! Not sure why I included that.

    A little introduction into me as a writer, I've been an avid RP writer for the last half decade or so, and have always been interested in creative writing from a young age. It mostly started when I would play out random stories with friends, and it was a glorious revelation to me when I found that wow, people actually do this kind of thing online! it's not just me that's crazy! and proceeded to join my first RP site. However, this would be my first time on a site primarily for ERP. As such, it's highly possible that my preferences changes with my experiences, and I'll do my best to reflect on that here. Other than that, I ask that you be patient with me if you don't believe my writing is up to par on the more ecchi side of things, since it will take time and practice for me to grow comfortable with it.


    With that out of the way, let's talk some preferences. Right now, I can't be too certain about site-specific preferences, since obviously I just joined the site! So going off of purely what's been my experience RP'ing in the past and from what I'm willing to do, I consider myself lazy lit to advanced lit. I'm here mostly for lazy lit however, nothing too intensive like the pages on pages of RP that I sometimes write instead of doing my college essays. Without putting an exact number on words or number of paragraphs, a page or two page length Word doc will probably be what I present you with, unless I have some reason to write less. And I can do so every other day or so, depending on schedule. From you, I expect about the same courtesy. However, like I mentioned, real life comes first. If for any reason you won't be able to post regularly for an extended duration of time, just let me know. The only absolute exception to all this is no one-liners. I respect those that choose to RP in one-liners, but I've tried it before and I just can't handle it. There's just not enough detail for me to play with.

    On that note, let's talk ghosting. I'm fine with ghosting. I've learned that it's unfortunately impossible to expect otherwise, so it's just something I had to learn to deal with. If for some reason you don't like the premise of the story, you've suddenly become super busy irl, or (sad balloon noises) you don't like me, then you're absolutely free to just dip out. I would prefer that you told me why you're leaving, just so I can improve myself or know that life hit you with a truck, but it's not necessary. I personally will do everything in my power not to ghost you, so if I don't respond within a couple days there's actually a very high chance that I've either not been on the site due to schoolwork and work work, I've lost track of our conversation of my other RP site, or I'm dead. So just bump me if that happens.


    Again, I'm not entirely sure what to expect from this site yet. So I'll just include any genres that I enjoy RP'ing normally, and also list what I enjoy. I RP primarily as an escape, so I don't do realistic plots at all. There has to be some kind of unrealistic element thrown in like fantasy, sci-fi, what-have-you. Now going off of that, more recently I've been looking into urban fantasy where the setting is completely realistic, but the characters or some mechanic isn't. To put it in simple terms, right now I'm looking for monster girls in an urban fantasy setting.

    I'm into some pretty... interesting things, for lack of better word, but I've found myself enjoying more vanilla recently. Honestly, I just want some kind of cute or comfy/cozy slice-of-life that has like a fantasy adventure sub-plot, but I think this section is starting to get a bit too specific. Just some genuine romance, I guess? One thing I'll throw into the mix that I've always been into is futa, but I understand that might not be for everyone.

    There aren't many things I'm NOT into, but let's talk about them. Firstly, scat. Just grosses me out. Secondly, extreme gore when fetishized. Oddly enough, I don't mind depictions of extreme gore when it comes to describing fights or killings of any kind, like my favorite manga is literally Tokyo Ghoul, but when it comes to fetishes it makes me uncomfortable. Lastly, yaoi. With full respect to anyone who enjoys yaoi, of course, it makes me uncomfortable as well.


    And that's pretty much all I can think about right now. This turned out to be slightly longer than I thought, but anyway I'll keep my promise and try to keep this updated regardless! If you have any questions, feel free to EcchiText me. If you have any private RP ideas, feel free to EcchiText me as well, though just know that until I get my bearings on what I'm doing here I probably won't pick it up without some convincing. Other than that, thank you for reading, and hopefully I'll grow to like this site as much as my past RP sites!


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