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  • When you realize, you're a weirdo.

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    I prefer extremely long roleplays that go kind of like how a TV show plays out. Each day (Whether it be irl or in the roleplay) we could come up with different shenanigans for our characters to participate in. 

    I don't mind doing shorter roleplays though, since I know not everyone has he time to come up with stories or the time to roleplay. Plus other people might lose interest. I guess, just lemme know how long you want the rp to be because I don't really care too much. ^.^

    I almost always roleplay as a futanari character, as I really like Futa on male...I think it's cute for some reason. I'm not into yaoi or yuri but I might do it if I'm in the mood for a yaoi or yuri roleplay.  I usually make my characters the submissive ones, I especially like futa on male when the futa is the submissive one so, yeah. By the way, my idea of a futanari is basically a hermaphrodite I guess? It's a girl with a penis and vagina...also they have balls too. Not into the futas with no balls at all.

    The closest thing to incest that I'll roleplay is if one or both of the siblings are adopted.

    I really like the obsessive, yandere type of characters.

    Romantic, fluffy stuff is really cute to me. I love it when the characters we roleplay as share a deep relationship, but I also don't mind if our characters are just looking for a quick fuck.

    I'm really just looking for smut roleplay on here. But I don't mind doing a normal roleplay or maybe something in between the two. Like, our characters would go on an adventure, sometimes have sex and then go back to adventuring. I like those kinds of roleplays cause there's more story involved. Which is also, what I'm looking for in a smut roelplay. it doesn't have to be a lot of story, unless that's the kind of smut roleplay that you want.

    I don't mind spelling errors or occasional grammatical errors, just as long as I'm able to understand it. English isn't my first language so I make some mistakes as well.

    I'm into a lot of kinky and weird stuff so don't be shy to ask me about things you wanna roleplay. As long as it isn't one of the things that I don't like I guess...I'm definitely not into any type of gore or vore though. or scat, piss, farting or anything gross like that...Please don't ask me to roleplay that. Please.

    I guess that's it. If you  have any ideas for a roleplay, let me know! Or maybe we could even cook up a roleplay together.

    Sorry if i sounded pushy or anything. ^^' 

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