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  • Xeed-ing Desires *revamped*

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    Thank you for taking an interest in my preferences.


    I've been roleplaying for a long time. I'm an immersive roleplayer, and while mostly my focus is poured into characters, I work on the overall scene. You can't have a good character without a proper scene.

    I am also a smut-heavy roleplayer. Even in the most epic of storylines, I like to include plenty of smut scenes. This is why I prefer voluptuous women of various degrees. My characters will lust over them, take them or be taken by them. TL;DR, plenty of smut in what I write. I am also an ass man, so there will always be plenty of butt love to the ladies played against my characters.


    When it comes to the volume and content of my posts, I usually match my partner's desires. But I can work with a single paragraph post as long as there's enough to work with. On the other hand I can write a multi-paragraph post. But I always felt the word/paragraph quite arbitrary. This is a shared experience meant for enjoyment, not an obligatory chore. So please do not let this intimidate you. I'm very flexible.


    An important note about my characters. My characters will always be a switch. They can dominate or submit depending on the scene or the story we agree upon. This is because I find constant domination or submission to restrict the possibility of the dynamics we're creating with our characters.


    Depending on the type of story we're writing, my replies can be quick and plenty during a day. Or if the story have a more serious tone, it can be once every day or every few days. You can't rush an epic scene after all.


    The genres I enjoy varies from Fantasy both high and low, modern, sci-fi and slice of life. Though Slice of life tends to be a one shot deal for me. I can't seem to hold interest for too long when it comes to that. 


    I also enjoy writing in Video game fandoms. Mainly against these characters:


    Tifa Lockhart, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Ivy Valentine, Taki (Soul Calibur), Lady (Devil May Cry) and the ladies of Dead or Alive. (Hit me up if those intrigue you. I can write a canon or original character against them.)


    As for my kinks Here's my Ons and Offs:


    - Futanari. Recently I've gotten to savor these beautiful creatures. And they can be included in any plots if you desire to play one against my characters.

    - Challenging characters, Whether our characters are rivals or on opposite sides of the conflicts, I want them to challenge my character, just as mine would content their purpose.
    - Slow burn & sexual tensions. Rather than jump directly into sex, its better to have our characters slowly edging towards that desire, until they succumb.
    - Intimacy. And that doesn't always means sweet gentle vanilla sex. People can rock a mountain while they fuck on the summit and it'd still be intimate.
    - Provocation. Whether sexual or dramatic.
    - Shagging the Authority. Figuratively and literally. From Queens and ladies of power, to law enforcers and police officers.
    - Incest
    - Voluptuous ladies
    - Big Breasts
    - Big Butts
    - All kinds of sex (vaginal, oral & Anal)
    - Cunnilingus (giving)
    - Spanish Sex (titfucking)
    - Sexy clothes
    - Rough Sex, Angry Sex, Spontaneous Sex, Clothed Sex
    - All kinds of situational sex (including but not limited to, against the wall sex, bend her over the chair and take her ... etc.)
    - Deep Throating
    - Threesomes ( M/F/F or M/M/F ) & moresomes
    - Navel Play
    - Sex Outdoors
    - Teasing (Both light & merciless)
    - Intercrural (Thighjobs & assjobs)
    - Snarky banter between characters.
    - Humor
    - Handjobs (giving & receiving)
    - Seduction
    - Seductive Fashion
    - Love marks ( Not associated with pain for pleasure. )
    - Dancers
    - Multiethnic/Interracial pairings
    - Partial Nudity
    - The act of undressing, whether having the opportunity for a character to watch another undress, or doing the undressing themselves)
    - Ass to mouth
    - Rimming
    - Cumplay (facials, cumshots, swallowing or creampies

    - Sexual exhaustion

    - Continuous orgasms.

    As for my Offs:

    - Toilet play of all sorts
    - Vore
    - Godmodding
    - Arranged Marriage plots

    - Drama IC or OOC. Drama should always be a flavor, and not the main dish. We've all got enough of that in our own lives.

    And that's it for now. If you see anything you like, don't hesitate to poke or sent a message. or if you just wanna chat, no problem with that too.

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    I had a huge good time time playing with this person right here, he is really good at setting a nice pace and following it if you start too, with a nice text size and grammar, it was a really good! I recommend 😜

    Response from the author:

    Thank you for the kind words. It was a fun experience. 😁

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