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    I'm dove, but you can call me whatever you'd like, she/her, and I have a good few years writing experience under my belt.

    I'm primarily looking for writers who are able to write multiple fucked up characters to go alongside my girls. I don't care what gender you are in real life, just as long as the genders you write as are males.


    - non-con

    - brutal violence

    - gore

    - knife play

    - drug abuse


    - consensual

    - romance (on occasion, depends on the story) I can do dark romance, the twisted-fucked-shouldn't-be-together romance.

    - older female, younger male

    - gags

    Genevieve was twenty years old when she was first enlisted into the FBI, specializing in sexual crimes - the youngest in the state, let alone her unit. Nobody thought she'd last, it wasn't that she wasn't good enough - quite the contrary - they just didn't believe someone so young would be able to face seeing the horrors of the real world. For the most part; they were right. 

    By the time she was twenty-four years old, she'd become absolutely fascinated with the man they'd been hunting down since the start of her career. She knew it was wrong, knew she shouldn't have been fantasizing about watching him torture and mutilate his victims before fucking her over their dying corpses, but she couldn't help it, something was wrong with her. It was a secret she'd take to the grave, hopefully bringing the crime scene photographs with her so nobody knew she'd been the one to steal them. 

    It wasn't until she was kidnapped by the very same man with the intent on making her his next victim, that she accidentally blurted out her dirtiest and darkest secret. Maybe he'd keep her alive after all.

    Okay, so, as you can see I'm looking for somebody to write this very specific story with me! It's not my first time writing something so fucked, but it is my first time writing a character who enjoys it so much, so bare with me, please. I was thinking maybe they partner up; she becomes a sort of double agent, working with the FBI to find him, all the while she's luring victims for him to capture.

    I imagine she's more of a spectator than anything, she won't be the one inflicting pain but she'll stand by and watch, cheering him from the sidelines if you will. They'll have a very fucked up relationship, think Bonnie and Clyde, Harley Quinn and the Joker, those kind of vibes. I'll be playing the victims too, and they'll all exclusively be female. I do ask that you're able to write multiple characters as well if the opportunity arises. 

    There's absolutely no limits here; he's a serial killer/rapist after all, I highly doubt somebody so fucked would have limits. That being said, we obviously don't have to include anything you're not comfortable with, however, violence, non-con, brutality, drugging and knives will definitely be included as they're my biggest turn-ons (writing/story wise) and the only themes I really write. 

    I imagine him to be anywhere around late 30's to early 50's so they will have an age-gap relationship because I think it'll add more into the two being so toxic for one another, kind of like he's brainwashing her, that sort of thing. 

    That's all from me for now; if you're interested don't hesitate to shoot me a message! thank you. 💛 

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