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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey! It's the return of FD! After a few month hiatus, I am back and my creativity is a flowing! (Hopefully). 

    Today I am offering my services up to anyone! Both Male or Female (and others too) ! I can play many roles, many characters and do just about anything! I've listed a few scenarios to get us started!

    Magical Book of Mayhem (FxAnything)

    This story is open-ended, and more of an episodic tale. Depending on your desired length of a "spell" events will end and everything goes back to normal just in time for the next "episode" to begin. Any trauma and wounds will heal. A young woman explores an empty mansion in the dead of night, there she finds this dusty book. In that book are words of Latin. One she can read, but not understand. The girl decides to read a few words aloud, and that's when the magic happens...

    Hypersexual World of Pokémon (FxAnything)

    Is there a need for an explanation? Our characters will be originals and more grown up (16+, no loli). Society is a bit sexist as well. Females in the public are fine, but some trainers, gym leaders, and even Pokémon will disregard the females' actions, decisions, and suggestions. (FYI for those who care, this is just a scenario for fun).

    Continuing with 2000 era anime...

    Falling into a More Modern/Realistic Digital World (Digimon - FxAnything)

    A young woman (16+, no loli) is magically transported to a mystic land. This land being the Digital World. She is accompanied by her Digimon companion (yet to be made/decided). This Digimon is as weak and feminine as the young girl. Even digivolving won't help her. 

    Eye on the Prize, right? (Group of FxAnything)

    Fantasy story of a group of women (or mixed) goes off to raid a dungeon. This couldn't go any worse. All men in the party are killed, the women are then a subject enslavement. Where that leads to is up to the story.

    The DragonBorn (Dragon-Whore) (FxAnything)

    Imagine Skyrim with all the mods installed.

    Cyberpunk 2077

    WIP. Just like the game.

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