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  • A celeb's desires~ (FxF) UPDATED!

    Perrie Edwards
    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Good afternoon!

    I'm currently searching for someone, who would be interested in a roleplay with celebrities with FxF pairing (Males playing females are also welcome!) and who would also be interested in bondage ideas. Right now I have 2 basic ideas for a roleplay which I'll list down below, however if you have your own ideas and you'd like to present them, hit me! Now, first things first, my requirements.


    There aren't many requirements, but please, be 18+ (obviously) and do at least 1 or 2 paragraphs. It's hard to push the story forward and make it enjoyable when we're stuck with one or two line replies for the entire time. 



    1.: Zero skills? Enough of that!

    YC has been recently rejected by several girls. They were all saying that she lacks in-bed experience. Frustrated by this and slowly starting to loose her mind, YC decides to use MC to practice a bit and maybe learn something new whether MC likes it or not~


    2.: Date me!

    YC always had a big crush on MC, she even asked her out for a date! But she rejected, saying that it probably wouldn't work. After spending some time thinking, YC goes almost crazy, decides to grab some toys and convince MC that girls can be far better in bed than boys. Against her will~


    If any of these ideas interests you or if you want to discuss some of your own ideas, feel free to message me so we can discuss the details!

    And most importantly, have a good day! 


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