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  • A gobbo adventure to becoming the strongest.

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    hi there! im posting this rp in the hope of doing an D&D fantasy base rp, where i would rping an goblin leader who left his tribe and his merry band of goblins buddies who followed him out of loyalty, leaving the tribe with the intent of creating their own tribe and going about it their own way by going a bit legit and join an adventure guild to go on adventure to grow stronger all the while collection adventure babes and monster girls along the way to be their personal cumdump and the goblin leader harem to further increase their numbers to one day create a kingdom of their own and become a king of the goblin! in other words im looking for someone who willing to rp the women who going to be bred by gobbo cocks!

    if you interested please echitext me and we'll discuss details.


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