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  • A Sign Of True Love


    Hello reader! I've got a pretty interesting idea to share with you. Like most of my threads, however, I gotta lay down some rules.

    • Please try to use correct punctuation and spelling. I can overlook the occasional typo or error, but try not to make it too common.
    • Would be super neat if you are willing to play the roles of multiple characters. I already plan on playing at least two main characters, and multiple pairings are pretty neat.
    • That said, I'll only do MxF and FxF pairings. If there's a need for a MxF pairing, I would more than likely take up the male in that role due to my own preferences.
    • Be epic. (And feel free to tell me how epic you are, just to show that you've read all this.)
    • If you start to lose your muse, or you get bored, please let me know. I'm ghost-friendly, but it'll forever hurt my feelings. That's a joke. But still, let a brother know.
    • Please let me know if you have any triggers. Or dislikes.
    • No one-liners. I can't work with anything less than two paragraphs. 

    Alrighty, now for the idea.

    Slowly but surely, a 'virus' is spreading throughout the human race; in the form of an interesting symbol that appears just above their nether regions. Those that receive these mysterious tattoos have experienced strangely high levels of hormonal activity, while others are flat-out asking strangers to help them with an itch they cannot scratch on their own. While an official 'cure' hasn't been confirmed, plenty of married couples have been able to temporarily rid themselves of this symbol through the sweet release of sexual intercourse. People began to theorize that these tattoos probably shouldn't be referred to as a 'virus', but instead a blessing, for being able to help them locate their true significant other.
    Again, I do plan for most of the pairings in this idea to be Female x Female, but I'm sure this would also work with Male x Female pairings. There's plenty of plots that we can come up with from an idea like this, so feel free to share some of your own suggestions with me. I've got several to share, and most of them are on my F-List.

    If you like the idea, please feel free to send me a Private Message, and we can start up a discussion!

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    I'm so epic , you'd be mindblown. Anyways pretty cool idea , sounds like an interesting world to love in. I'd like to give it a go though i can't play multiple characters.

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