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  • A Strange Field Trip...!

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    Helloo! I'm open to being Male/Futa/orTrap with you being Female/Futa/orTrap, lot of combinations there haha. Whoever is more dominant though, I don't want full on Master bdsm with rules and stuff. Feel free to make any suggestions, I'm open to anyone throwing some magic, fantasy, furry, whatever twist into the mix. As well, feel free to be a student OR teacher in this premise. But, here's the situation:

    The big field trip, finally here! Students are to load up onto a luxurious bus for a special trip to different museums, hours and hours of riding in between each stop over the course of a few days. The bus is sectioned off by walls into little cabins (let me know how you'd like these to be, it can be as simple as a tight bench seat or much more lavish and fancy). They're only made for one person really, but unfortunately because of the budget two people must stay in each room. And that's where our characters get assigned together! 


    And lastly, kinks that I'd especially love to include, but definitely not necessary! Do let me know what you don't want from here though:

    -Prettyyy big dicks (Even traps being at least more than average)

    -Large amounts of cum (not like bathtubs but definitely more than one can easily handle)

    -Cumming multiple times, no limit there

    -Some mind breaking on the submissive one's side maybe

    -Being overcome by horniness, just being generally insatiable and wild

    -Extra: Grinding/licking/etc through clothing, getting sweaty or soaked wet, describing pleasure from the smell and/or taste of things

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