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  • [A4A] TTRPG turns... spicy.

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    I would very much like to vent my IRL frustrations via an online RP where no one from my IRL situation can ever find out about my bullshit coveting tendencies ;w;

    Basically the idea I have (toooootally not influenced by my IRL situation, nope, uh-uh, idk what you're talking about--):

    MC has a huge crush on YC. YC is married. MC and YC are in a TTRPG together. MC projects onto their character and they end up having a crush on YC's character. DM forces MC's character to confess to YC's character. Much tension. Much angst and fluff as YC gradually realizes that MC isn't just being a really good roleplayer and is actually totally into them. YC maybe likes MC back? Maybe they're poly or some shit idk, that's up to you, how we'd go about it. It could always just stick to MC and YC having an in-game romance and YC is completely oblivious. 😤 Yes, okay, I'm totally projecting onto this RP idea. Pls humor me and let me vent and maybe take me up on my idea lmao thank you ❤️ 

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    I'd love to do that! that would be an interesting roleplaying challenge and definitely display an interesting situation that in no way is connected to something that happened to you in real life haha

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