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    Hello everyone, thank you for visiting this post! This post is going to be a catalogue of all the villains and monsters that i am wanting to play in different scenarios. All the characters that i am going to be showing will be dominant and will be the main antagonist of a story that we could do together. Feel free to browse and see which villain, or story concept catches your eye. All these character are available for both erotic and non-erotic writings. This post is solely an advertisement for story ideas, in which i am looking for submissive or heroes to antagonize for a story. A lot of the concepts i will show can be subject to change depending on what you, my partner, are also thinking for the story, so feel free to change some things up a bit!

    I'm looking for any sort of partner who is willing to be beaten or submit to foul and terrible villains!

    Lord of the Void


    This villain is truly Evil. Little is known of his origins, only that he appeared one day, smelling of death and will zero regard for life. Some believe him to be a manifestation of the void, of death itself, other that he has simply mastered every skill there is to master, granting him utmost power. Whatever his origins may be, his power is terrible, unstoppable and indomitable, as is his will. The void pores out of the cracks and crevices in his armour, their tendrils licking at the very essence of life surrounding everything, threatening to devour it. Does he have a human body beneath that, scratched, rust addled armour; Or is he merely a suit of foreboding armour puppeted by a foul blob of darkness incarnate.  Whatever he is, his domination of the world as mortals know it is at hand, none can rival his mastery over magic and his supernatural strength. Any attempts to stop his domination would surely result in that person's death, or is it already too late, is the world already in his grasp, unbeknownst to the mortal population?!

    For this RP i was thinking there could be two possible options, that he has only just arrived in the world, set to conquer it as he begins cleaving through heroes that dare oppose him; Or the second option is that he has long since conquered this world, having taken surviving heroes as slaves or mana batteries.



    A Once Honoured Hero


    Having saved his local region from numerous threats and dangers, this grizzled hero and veteran's mind began to wander. Every foe he killed and defeated, both great and small gained him renown, riches and even infamy. Every action was judged, despite doing what he could to help the town's folk. Sometimes he helped as it was the right thing to do, but if he was being honest, the greatest pull was the hordes of fans and money that managed to find it's way to him. Greed and gluttony for pleasures quickly began to overwhelm this once true hero. Corruption seeped into him, corrupting his vast amounts of mana reserves as it had a visual impact on him, turning the once blue mana veins on his skin red and sprouting magma infused horns which broke through his forehead. The once caring hero became violent and cruel, the town's people that he used to protect became bothersome to him, their problems trivial. A simple annoyance or wrong word from a peasant could force a powerful slash or lighting bolt, that burned innocent's to a crisp or cleaved them in half. He spent his days whoring for free, gathering his wealth and lording over a plot of land which he called his own, forced servants working his kitchen and cleaning his floors, the reward he claims he deserves for being such a powerful hero.

    This RP could follow the villain as he makes his way across the country, seeking new horizons, becoming bored with his home county that he had defended for many years, possibly encountering your character as a foe or a potential servant, or both! Alternately it could also be self contained as it follows him living his life within his manor, whoring and treating the peasant's poorly. Your character could be a a servant of his, his favourite whore or a rival hero that be beat's, potentially becoming one of the former.



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