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    Modern society has made great strides in techonlogical advancement and industrialization. Machines have taken over many of the menial tasks people deemed beneath human labor. Factories and warehouses litter the landscape, but greenhouse and eco friendly facilities help to filter the pollution and convert everything to clean energy. The people are happy, at least the privileged ones, while the lesser people struggle and grasp for every little piece of scrap they can get their hands on.

    In this modern society, many of the worlds diverse cultures have lost sight of their ancestors and their cultural habits. Much of this was the simple fact that many modern people have forgotten about the Gods that once provided them with the basic needs. Humans prefer to worship and relish their machines than they do the Gods. Many of these godly beings have accepted their place in this new world of man and machine, however others have grown angry and bitter from the lack of faith.

    **So this roleplay is pretty open about Pantheons and the like. Every conceivable God/Goddess exists in this world. Greek, Egyptian, Scandinavian, Celtic..... all the many Gods/Goddesses coexist in this world of magic and machinery. It's up to you which Pantheon you choose to believe (or not believe) in, or even whichever God/Goddess of whichever Pantheon you choose to be a part of. You can play an existing God/Goddess, however OC Gods/Goddesses and of course mortals or other mystical creatures are highly encouraged, as long as they have some connection with that Pantheon you choose (a son or daughter of an existing God/Goddess, Demi-God/Goddess, worshiper, champion or simple Angel/Demon).

    I hope this idea is appealing to you guys, as I'd love to create a world and fill it with all types of mysticism that spans from mortals to Titans.

    **FYI: As the one who posted this up, I should mention that I already have an OC character made for this type of roleplay.

    My OC bio:

    -Mortal name/God name: Sebastian/Salhavva

    -Title: God of Life and Health

    -Powers: Apart from the basic God powers such as godly strength, stamina, resilience, and longevity.... Salhavva also possessed an acute connection to mother nature to an extent. He doesn't control plants and turtles but rather communicates with them and provides influence and suggestion from a caring point of view. His true form also resembles that of an enormous, magnificent turtle the size of a small island.

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