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  • Arranged Marriage rp [subs only please]

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    Hello again everyone!

    I've been wanting to do an arranged marriage for a while now, either with two powerful supernatural families in order to become allies and create a cease fire between them but one of the family is using it to infiltrate that country and defeat their enemy...whether that happens or not is up to the RP.

    The other one could be between a human and a supernatural creature: The first part to this one could be that the human doesn't know at first that they are getting married to someone who isn't human. It's being done in order to try and keep protection in the village or land. Or the human could have been send as a sacrifice but the supernatural creatures takes a liking to the human.

    Third one I thought of was kind of like The Magus Bride for anyone who has seen that anime, where a powerful creature ends up saving a human or a weaker creature, they end up in an arranged marriage but at first the powerful creature doesn't really see the human or weaker creature in a romantic light and tends to kind of keep to themselves.


    This can either be romantic and lighthearted with a bit of angst and drama, or it can be darker depending on the RP.

    We can come up with other ideas as well. MxM or FxF only please


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