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  • Aryan Dickgirl New World Order

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    The time has finally come where the next generations will show who will prevail in the question about long lasting survival: Men or dickgirls.
    Fortunately for the latter of those, more and more regular females take to the messages, ideals and overall preference of the dickgirls.

    They more often prove far more generous, kind hearted, fair tempered, easy to get along with and in general better in many ways. It is no wonder that the females flock to them increasingly for companionship, relations and thus also to procreate. This does mean that the human male either becomes a minority by far or might even become fully extinct as the dickgirls only ever produce females or new dickgirls when they engage in mating with their partners.

    The dickgirls believe themselves to of great potential both in terms of relationships, in their genes and of course in their culture and overall alignment with others they interact with. They also have a very strong bond between themselves. They also do not see themselves as any kind of superior to males, even if the results very much speak for themselves. However, if females decides to call them superior and worship them over males, they will not stop this and still be flattered as they take it as compliments.

    Lastly, they do have an inner circle of leaders, who acts as their face, voice and ruling body as a whole.

    This roleplay will have some different options to go for and instead of making long and deep story hooks, I will give some overall plots we can go with. Any chagces are, of course, up for discussion and I am also happy to discuss entirely new and different storylines.

    1: Slice of life romance type of story, where I play one or more dickgirls, either centered around one female, different females in separate stories or any other combination we can think of

    2: The slow eradication of every male in a specific place, country, continent or even world wide, with less focus on individuals. This is by no means an intentional act from the dickgirls

    3: The early stage of the dickgirls. They are a tiny minority at first, but through plenty of public speeches, trying to get involved in all places of society and generally being covered in media we will be seeing their rise to power and immense status

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