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    Cherryton is quite an elaborate school with an excellent selection of students. That being said, even the best can have a sort of... History. It's not uncommon for any school to experience... Events that can shake the entire student body, and even the faculty. Unfortunately, the one that would put everyone on edge was this one. It was only the mysterious aura behind it that made it as big of a deal as it was... But unfortunately for Hiro, he singlehandedly would cause tensions between the carnivores and herbivores of the school.


    February 12th, a regular day that most people likely would've said was pretty boring and uneventful. Eris personally had little going on, simply sitting in his dorm room throughout the evening with his roommates as they discussed games, plans, shows... The usual. Eris received a call, and after figuring out where it was leading, he decided to step outside and listen under the moonlight for a little more privacy.


    It hadn't been an easy call. The details aren't currently important, but were fairly upsetting. Eris sat at the fountain, trying to come to peace. He'd always been a fan of trying meditation to help keep calm. He figured he'd cross his legs, close his eyes, and try to find peace as he often did...


    ...This time, though, the quiet, cool evening was interrupted with a unique sense... A sense that was strong, for some reason... A smell. The smell of a prey. Alone. In the dark. Waiting to be... eaten...


    //yes, it's short, but that's the basis of what I'd love to do. Beastars is the most successful and entertaining world I've RPed, and I would love to get some more of it. I tend to use discord most, but if you're interested ecchitext me and we'll discuss further details! I want this to be more story based, but I'm definitely open to mature themes. I can't wait to start writing with you :^)



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