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    I am looking for someone to play a female human character to write alongside my angel oc and demon oc.

    The premise isn't too complicated, so there isn't much discussion about making the story work. Your character has moved into a new apartment building, and all seems relatively normal besides their one next door is a bit weird.

    The one on the left is very, very quiet and doesn't talk too much, but he gives off a rather lovely positive vibe despite never smiling or looking mean all the time.

    As for the neighbor on the right, he's everything you expect from a noisy neighbor. Loud, parties, drinking, etc. Despite all that, he seems like a chill dude and smiling.

    Whenever they see each other, they are always at each other's throats over the minor thing or starting each other down. The only thing that keeps them at bay is your character, who will usually have to break it up.

    Below are the characters in their human forms and otherworldly forms.

    spacer.png spacer.png

    spacer.png spacer.png


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