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  • Black butler erp?

    • Comment here first! Looking

    Heyoo I'm kinda looking foward to erp black butler at the momment.

    My oc crush are mostly ciel or Alois but I don't mind if you also want to use a oc.

    So I have a few ideas for the roleplay it can be yaoi or not but I'm kinda leaning towards yaoi now.

    The person was someome from our world a human,they get transported into their world and stays around there,but what happen whenthen and their crush finds out that this is not the truth?

    A second adaptation could be either if the character actually was a human but became something not human at all.

    We can work things out in dm.

    If they already know each other since some time or not it's your choice.

    But basically my oc is someone who wrote some best seller books and achieved an earl status like position because of this,a very kind person that has a different way of kindness,it feels warm and gentle.

    Someone like this can be so kind and at the same time can be very cold,they are a very humble person.


    Another possible idea could be that he turns into a incubus.

    I kinda want the roleplay to be with some plot along the way. Not exagerated nsfw scenes but it can happen.

    I just found cute or idk that maybe ciel could act like not want to admit that he likes the other but the truth is that he really does but is in denial.(if the crush is ciel)

    Some references?? For the possible ideas)



    If that happen we can separate things like this in the roleplay. 


    Your oc roleplay


    My oc crush

    And vice and versa))






    Possible breeding



    Dirty/gentle talk

    Shy dominant(sometimes)

    Sensitive body


    Not ok with:


    any toilet involved thing

    sexual toys

    Mind break

    Mind control.




    Pet play

    Foot play

    Food play


    Armpint licking


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