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  • Building Trust (Arknights)

    Heyya! I'm hoping to have better luck here on doing an Arknights RP. Nothing story related will happen or be mentioned. Minus the beginning of Arknights. No deep lore of the game is needed as I don't understand it myself. Just the main stories events.

    So anyways this'll be a long term ERP where long story short a month after the extraction of the Doctor and some hundred missions or so. Kal'tsit has noticed the low morale within the operators so she "asks" the Doctor to get to the bottom of it and help the operators in whatever way he can. And what better way then hanging out with them? Getting to know them and possibly forming a bond and even getting closer with the operators? I basically wanted to do an ERP playing around with the Trust mechanic of sorts.

    I'll be playing as the Doctor. They can be Male or Futa, Names are either Eric for male and Erika for Futa. Up to you. As for the Operators. Well. What operators do you want to play? Are they going to be Male, Female, Futa or Femboy? Up to you. I'm fine with either pairings. As for writing please be able to write a minimum 5 PC lines or more. 1st or 3rd person perspectives are welcome. As for my kinks they're all optional so feel free to add/remove any.

    Aside from that I believe that should be everything! If you're interested please do EcchiText me.

    Kinks: Futa/Fem dom, Futa/Fem sub, blowjob, deepthroat, tentacles, throatpie, mild-moderate cumflation, cumplay, hidden/sneaky sex, thighjob, titfucking, anal/vaginal creampie, anal/vaginal sex, hickeys/biting, slapping, light bondage (pinning/holding one down), bondage (rope, cuffs, etc.) and cuddling

    Limits: death, gore/guro, bdsm, cbt, leather/latex suits, bimbofication, sissification, feet/footjobs, watersports, toiletplay, diapers, vomit, piss/fart/scat and wedgies


    Building Trust Intro


    It has been months since that faithful day. The Chernobog incident. It was a hectic and sanity draining mission. So many emotions at once but it was successful. After the successful retrieval of Doctor Erika she has been put under intensive medical care. Weeks of physical and psychological tests until she was at full health however it was reported by Amiya and the other operators that the Doctor has lost her memory during her stay in the sarcophagus. The Doctor has lost all memory of Amiya, Kal'tsit and many other operators she's came into contact with. However there was a silver lining, they at least retained their strategic capabilities as she's just as sharp as she used to be prior to being put inside the sarcophagus. No matter what anyone has tried nothing could jog the poor doctors memory. Operators, battle records and files. It was useless to try so it was best to continue on.

    Fast forward to 3 months into the future. Our recent missions have been... duds. The operators' performance has been declining with each mission. We've given them some time off. 3 weeks to a month and yet no improvements have resulted from this. It seems that what they lack is morale. They need something more than just a break from the constant fighting and bloody battles. The doctor was ordered by Kal'tsit to interact a bit more with the operators outside of missions. Spend time with them. Get to know them and whatever else may happen so long as there is a significant boost and positive results occur. And with that The doctor must help her fellow operators. Not only will this help them in missions but also build trust between the two. The doctor must now make a choice on who she will start with. Only way to know is to enter the dorms…


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