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  • Buttslut Boys Galore!

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    I'm looking for any plots where I can play as a boy, be it a shota or a femboy, and get my ass absolutely ruined! A cock is a must for this, of course, so I'm only accepting males or futas. Futas will take priority, but I'm probably going to accept either anyways lol. 

    Please have relatively good grammar and spelling, everyone makes mistakes, but perfection is always nice to strive for! 

    Big desire for very large amounts of cum in this rp, and very big cocks (think around 12 to 18 inches). I'll throw down a few pairings I wouldn't mind doing, but feel free to suggest your own!

    Older sister style futanaris are almost guaranteed to be accepted! ^^


    Older Sister (Futa) X Younger Brother (Shota)

    (Highschool Setting) Teacher (Male/Futa) X Student (Femboy)

    Babysitter (Futa) X Shota

    Probably going to add more as I think of them!! Oh, also, I totally have a craving for a Breath of the Wild RP (Futa/Female Zelda x Link), so if any fans of that are about, go ahead and ask!


    Thanks for reading! ❤️

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