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    Come one, come all! Males, Futas, Monsters, Beasts, as long as you have a big, girthy cock then my ass is yours for the taking!

    Hey all! Back with another anal-centric post! As the opening line suggests, I'm looking for anyone with a massive cock to come and break me! 12 to 18 inches is my ideal range, and I'm only looking for anal sex, no vaginal at all. I'm a huge sub, so don't come in asking me to switch or dom.

    Writing competency is desired, grammar and spelling should be top-notch. Post length isn't that important, just try your best and avoid one-liners ^^

    Pairings I'm always up for are these two;

    Teacher X Student(MC)

    Manager X Employee(MC)

    But I'm always looking for new ideas, so send some my way!

    Kinks that I'd love to include;

    Rough Oral, Excessive Cum, Creampies, and Facials!

    So if this interests you at all, send me a DM! I'd love to hear from you, and if it goes well, you can turn me into your personal buttslut cumdump ❤️



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    Bump! (Sorry for my recent absence, pm me if we had something going and we can talk!)

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