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  • [Characters: M x F] Looking for a F Dom^^

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    'Ello there. Thanks for clicking me.

    I'm looking to play a Sub male, who needs to be told what to do. Not looking for anything dark, or anything too pain-play related. Mostly I want to write some amusing smut where a cute guy is gently, but firmly bullied towards an orgasm he'll feel ashamed about later.

    I'm a pretty good writer, I am happy to go more story focused if that's the way you like to play and I am open to making this work for you as much as for me. Gender of player is not important.

    We can start small, and expand it to longer term if it works well. I'll drop a couple of concepts I think could be fun, but don't hesitate to come at me with your own!

     - Jungle Trouble: An explorer in the deep amazon is captured! Turns out, it's a matriachal tribe and the beautiful leader has decided she wants this strangers seed.

     - Well Hung Over: It started when he went to his first college party. He passed out drunk, got pantsed and the photo is floating around. However, turns out this guy's hog is a spectacle. One of the popular girls has decided she wants to get a closer look.

     - Queen of Darkness: A fantasy kingdom, where adventurers face off against mighty villains. This particular villain is the Queen of Darkness and she's just captured the party's handsome young wizard. However, the party's 'rescue' plan appears to be moving pretty slow. So, to pass the time, old queenie has decided to enjoy her new acquisition and see if she can pull him over to her side.

     - Foreign Exchange: By some happenstance, a young, bold traveller has found himself stuck sharing his inn room with a warrioress. She thinks he's annoying and a little useless, until she has a few drinks and decides that the fella isn't so bad after all, she thinks it's time to see what he's made of.

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