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  • Chariot Of The Gods

    A humid summer night with the bright sky being littered with stars. Kenshi was out in the forest, having been unable to gather enough coin to stay at a tavern inn for the night. It could be worse though, having been lucky enough to find a waterfall to bath under before making his way to the next town in the morning. Setting most of his things to the side, he had begun to loosen his robes when he saw a large bright light descending from the sky. His eyes squinting to avoid going blind as it landed in the forest just behind a few trees. He quickly grabbed his sword and ran over to the tree line. Tightening his robes as best he could before finding what it was. A being standing infront of a large object that he couldn't deduce the shape of. It had the shape of a woman yet also had horns and a tail. "Forest spirit?" His eyes quickly focused on the being and drew his sword from its sheathe to defend himself incase it decided to play any sort of trickery on him. "What do you want spirit?" Questioning as he stood ready to defend himself. 

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