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    Night time on the Citadel, Ambassador Udina was being his usual curmudgeon self, the elder statesman by the bar to throw down another drink past his lips and order another as he was mulling over a request for more resources for Shepard's ship. He absolutely hated the hero ever since they had overlooked them for promotion to the council. It was supposed to be the highlight of his career but he was passed over for Anderson. Now he was just getting older day by day, the depression had even effected his body to add a bit of weight around his midsection. Looking out amongst the guests attending the party he spotted a familiar face. Dressed in a white gown was an Asari who travelled with Shepard, choosing to make his dislike of Shepard well known he grabbed one more drink before walking over to the blue minx. With a little bit of liquid courage he greeted her by smacking her rear. "You're that blue girl that travels with Shepard, right? That jerk wouldn't be where he was if it weren't for me and yet he completely ignored me for recommendation to the council. Hic-" The alcohol finally getting to him as it had given him the hiccups and slurred his speech. 

    His eyes roaming over the lady once more before bringing up his plan. "Well you can tell Shepard personally that I'm still in charge. Hic- I'm going to deny their request for more crewman aboard his little stealth ship that he likes to sneak about the galaxy with. It's time they learned that what goes around comes around." His words might carry more weight if he weren't so fixated at staring at the deep cleavage of their dress. Perhaps he was just a grumpy old man that needed a bit of consoling. 

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