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    A while back, I saw this idea through another thread, on a different site. The idea definitely needed some work, and it ended up being a bit more... Erotic than most people would like. You can probably imagine my excitement upon finding a site called EcchiDreams. Literally the perfect place for an erotic idea, haha. So, I hope to find some people that are equally as interested in this idea as I am. Like most people, though, I'll have to list a few preferences, or else we're never gonna get anywhere.


    • Try to use correct punctuation and spelling. I can overlook the occasional typo or error, but try not to make it too common.
    • Would be super neat if you're willing to play the roles of multiple characters. I already plan on playing at least four main characters, and multiple pairings are pretty neat.
    • That said, I'll only do MxF and FxF pairings. If there's a need for a MxF pairing, I would more than likely take up the male in that role due to my own preferences.
    • Be epic. (Tell me how epic you are in your first message so I know you've read all this.)
    • If you start to lose your muse, or you get bored, please let me know. I'm ghost-friendly, but it'll forever hurt my feelings. That's a joke. But still, let a brother know.
    • Please let me know if you have any triggers. Or dislikes.
    • Absolutely no one-liners. I can't work with anything less than two paragraphs. 


    Alrighty. Onto the good stuff.

    All I have so far is collars - or chokers, bracelets, necklaces, or whatever you fancy. The accessory that we decide upon will come in a bundle, and will be discovered by our characters. For the sake of keeping things from getting confusing, I'll just use 'collars' for the example. Anywho, these collars are infused with some magical enhancements that are very similar to Wonder Woman's Lasso, if you're familiar with it. If not, all you need to know is that it works much like truth serum - the one that holds it can only speak the truth. Upon equipping one of these collars, however, the wearer will have no choice but to reveal the feelings they have been keeping secret from the one they love. Whether it's a like-like or a love-love, they're gonna come out and tell them. I also intend for most of these relationships to be Female x Female, if not all of them.
    On top of this, the collar will also cause the wearer to experience a decent amount of aphrodisiac effects. You can only imagine how quickly this will become a little hot and bothered. Maybe not the 'bothered' bit, seeing as consent is pretty epic and all that. But yeah, that's the idea so far! I've got a couple other dynamics in mind that I'd like to include, but I'll bring them up with you first. If you're interested, please send me a Private Message  (Or an EcchiText, so it's called?). I also have one of those F-List things, and am willing to send it upon request.

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