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  • Come Play With Me... Maybe?

    Super craving an RP with one of the following two. Even if just their appearance is used.


    Keigo Takami (can be without wings)



    Shota Aizawa






    Who am i, how long have I been writing and what kind of things do I like to write?
    Hi, online I go by Anx. I am from Australia, however I tend to be more nocturnal.
    I've been writing for about 10 years. It started with me and my friend writing fanfics in highschool. Not that we realised it at the time but we began role-playing not too long after. It would be one of us was having a bit of writers block and the other would write a bit for them. We enjoyed doing it like that and then we got more into traditional RPing.
    I tend to lean more towards romance and smut when it comes to things I like to write.

    How long do my replies tend to be and what is my writing schedule like?
    My replies both depend on what my partner gives me and motivation in that moment.
    My writing schedule varies but I do aim for a reply daily at minimum.
    I do prefer faster back and forth but not one liners.

    What is my tolerance level for gore? Violence?
    I can handle reading it, however I'm not too good a writing it myself. I also don't particularly like my character being extremely wounded. Minor wounds I can deal with.

    Do I write sexual content? If so, what are my kinks? Limits?
    I certainly do. I play Submissive female characters. I will not play Dom. Please do not ask.

    Kinks include but are not limited to:
    Collars (and leashes)
    Dom/sub dynamics (including pet play and primal)

    Heavy feet scenes (I'm not too keen on feet but can deal with it in small doses)
    Aphrodisiacs (MC suddenly becoming a horny mess out of her control is not overly fun for me. I feel there are better ways to play out scenes)
    Death (of my character.... and animals, they didn't do anything)

    Do I write any fandoms? 
    Sometimes, it depends on my mood. I don't play canon characters. At the moment I'm interested in MHA. (I know I'm a bit greedy) I would love for someone to play either,
    Shouta Aizawa/Eraserhead
    Keigo Takami/Hawks
    Katsuki Bakugo

    Do I have any pairing or setting ideas?
    Pairings i like: (YC x MC)
    Master x pet
    Daddy x babygirl/Little girl (legal age)
    Yandere x interest
    Teacher x Student
    Stalker x victim

    Not quite plots but idea kind of things? I'm not sure what to call them.



    1- MC ends up in a bdsm club for the first time, lost and alone. YC notices her, no collar and no Dom to be seen.


    2- MC curiosity got the best of her and posts and ad online about trying out a Dom/sub dynamic.


    3- YC walks out of work after clocking out, about to leave he hears a commotion. Taking a closer look it's the bosses daughter being assaulted.


    4- YCs best friends sister is kind of cute, she'd look cuter on her knees with a full mouth though.


    5- Mc could have sworn she had locked her door, she did. However the man on her couch found the lock more annoying than anything to get inside and wait for what was his.


    6- The fun is in the chase, literally. Although she loved the chase, the idea of getting away, she adored being caught.


    7- MC wasn't supposed to find that room in his house. As the saying goes 'You learn something new everyday' she just didn't expect it to be this.


    8- She needs to be taught to behave, tamed. That's where HE comes in.

    More plot plots


    9. YC is the son of an extremely wealthy man. But also a very very sick man. Getting closer to passing he has conditions for inheriting everything.
    A. YCs mother will be taken care of. Either in her choice of retirement home or out of the inherited money care is provided for her.
    B. YC needs to settle down. Have a family.

    Condition 2 is where MC comes in. YC makes a deal with her. Become his wife. However becoming a mother part isn't quite discussed.

    10. MC a little down on her luck turns to online. Finding a sugar Daddy site she takes her chances. YC and MC connect and meet up. They decide it could be a good match.

    11. MCs boyfriend got into some shady deals with the local Mafia. However when debts are due YC (the Mafia Boss) decided to personally see to it, knowing that he wouldn't be able to pay it back. However the boyfriend then offers MC up as settlement. YC agrees and that when the debts are paid MC will be returned. However what happens when she doesn't want to leave?

    12. YC and his partner had been trying for a long time to have a child. After seeing MC a couple of times they decided that she would be the prefect girl to give them what they have wanted, a baby. They kidnap her and take her to their home to be their baby maker.

    13. *Closed* A society where people are tested before being placed into one of three categories, Dom, Switch, Sub. Dom's are the highest of society, switches are on the middle to lower end. Subs live in a home until they are of age to be matched with a Dom or in very rare cases, a switch. MC is matched with YC.

    14. MC, kidnapped and experimented on before being sold to an auction as the 'big prize' A real Neko girl. YC a wealthy man with particular interests, and she is one of them.

    New plot


    Fallen From Grace (Alternate name: Lewding an Angel)

    A new young angel finds herself on earth. Confused she begins to wander until she finds herself on the doorstep of a house. Full of innocence and naivety she knocks on the door.

    I don't have much planned for this as that's up to discuss with a partner if someone wants to pick this up with me. Kind of just want to play a sweet angel (literally)


    Alt version: An angel finds herself in the clutches of a demon. Who better to corrupt the sweet little thing? 



    Any additional notes I want to add?
    Please message me if you are interested, do not comment on post.
    **Brownie points if you use any of my current fandom interests as your OC appearance**

    I can't remember where I found this template. 

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