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  • Corruption RP ideas!!!

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    Hello everyone, my name is Ced. I've been doing rps for a while now and I've come to the realization of something... Corruption is fucking hot. I absolutely love doing rps where the protagonist slowly looses her original motivation to become a total Cumslut. 
    So here's a few ideas!

    1) The Greedy Adventurer
    You are a young adventurer with one goal in mind : Become the richest. You start off with a class, race and age of your choice and begin doing some quests, but you quickly realize that it's gonna be harder than expected. By the end of your adventure, you will have fucked everything your way through success.

    2) The Unexperienced Detective
    You are a young unexperienced detective working in a Noire setting. For your first official case, you have to discover the leader of a slave ring. Due to your lack of experience, you end up having to bribe your way to every single information in order to solve the case. You will become the most corrupted detective.

    1) The Princess of Hyrule (botw/totk)
    Instead of Link awaking up 100 year later, it's you, Zelda. You have no idea how you got there so you decide to discover why. You will travel through the wilderness (naked most of the time) trying to survive on whatever you can find. After a while, you start to accept your new way of life by being the monster's best friend.

    2) The Pokemon Whisperer (pokémon gen3-4-5-6)
    You start like every other game. You choose your pokemon and off you go. Unfortunately, you have a hard time battling. You discover that breeding with your Pokémons gives a ton of exp. With this discovery, you'll surely become the champion

    3) The Slutty Dragonborn (Skyrim)
    It starts just like in the game, but one thing changed. You are cursed by a Daedric prince that you can choose. The curse of Hermeus Mora will give you an insane buff each time you gain new erotic experiences. The curse of Hircine will let you become the queen of the wild. Meaning you can birth any creature you want. Drinking animal cum gives you buffs.

    4) The Last Overwatch (Overwatch)
    Overwatch has been dismantled for many years now and you have lost contact with your teammates. The world is in chaos since there are no heroes to defend the people. You take matters into your own hands and try to fight crime by any means possible. Of course, with your teammates and equipment gone, nothing goes as planned and you try new controversial strategies. By the end, you will have forgotten what you even fought for.

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