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  • Craving Something with Tentacles

    So I realized that out of all my RPs, there's one kink of yet to really play with:  Tentacles.  Its always been a favorite of mine and I have known involving these fun, kinky creatures.

    Basically i'm looking for short-term, smut focused story.  It would begin just a bit before the actual scene, have a bit of build up, then go into the kinky scenes.  Probably do a few different positions and/or scenes and then end.

    As always I prefer to play almost exclusively a female character and do enjoy being on the receiving end of things.  So i'm looking for someone to actually play the tentacle creature.

    Possible Scenarios:

    ---Modern - MC stumbles on a cave in the mountains or a cave on the beach and awakens the creature within.  Stirred after a long slumber, the creature is overwhelmed with lust, burning with the desire to reproduce.  A female has wandered into its lair and one way or another, the tentacle creature plans to sate its lustful instinct.
    --Modern - MC has a secret.  In her basement lives a tentacle creature.  She feeds it, keeps it safe and satisfies its sexual desire.  Is it a pet?  Is it a lover?  MC isn't sure, all she knows is that she loves the way its tentacles slither across her body and pleasures her erotic zones.
    --Modern - MC is a magical girl who took an oath to protect the city from all kinds of monsters.  What she didn't know is that some of the monsters are massive perverts.  MC is captured and humiliated in front of the city she has sworn to protect.  Turned into a slut before those that viewed her as a hero.  ( Modern version of one of the Traditional Fantasy Scenarios )

    --Traditional Fantasy - MC is captured by a cult that worships what they believe to be some kind of eldritch entity.  What they don't know is that its just a simple tentacle monster.  But the monster isn't complaining as the cult is always bringing it goodies.  And this time they've brought something that is just too good:  A young, fertile woman.  Wriggling with glee, the tentacle monster accepts the gift and plays with its new toy.
    --Traditional Fantasy - MC is a legendary hero and she's slain many monsters.  A new, mysterious monsters shows up and start terrorizing villages.  MC sets out to slay yet another monster and receive more praise.  But this creature is different.  Utilizing its many limbs and flexibility, it doesn't try to kill her.  Instead it uses its tentacles to attack her sexually and defeat her as a woman.  Humiliated, the village sees their valiant hero turned into a slut and fucked by this monster.
    --Traditional Fantasy - MC is a princess of a land that has been invaded and taken back an enemy nation.  In order to solidify their power and hold dominion across the land, they need to princess to sign over power.  MC refuses, too headstrong to give into an enemy.  Deciding that they need to take some extreme measures, enemy ruler gives the princess to a tentacle monster that humiliates her and breaks her mind, causing her to sign over power to the enemy nation.

    --Sci-fi - MC is exploring a mysterious distress beacon.  Detecting signs of life, she wanders aboard the wrecked ship only to discover that it has becoming a breeding ground for an alien lifeform.  The only living crew members are all female, the males having long since been killed off.  MC is captured and assaulted by the lifeform.  Will she become just another impregnated female?  Or will she escape and rescue her fellow women?
    --Sci-fi - MC volunteers to be part of a top-secret experiment.  She finds out only too late, that the experiment involves being bred with tentacular alien.  Trapped in a lab, bent over a table, fear turns to pleasure as she discovers that there's alot to love about certain aliens with many appendages.

    Don't worry too much about the details of any one scenario.  Despite how any might sound, I am very open to making any of them fit any kind of Consensual, Non-Consensual, or even Rape kinks that you may desire, as long as its something i'm into as well, of course.  ^___^

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