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  • Do you know what she desires?


    Title: Do you know what she desires?

    Genres: romance, NSFW, slice of life, fantasy

    Ever since you began to play the immensely popular game League of Legends you've had sort of a weak for Ahri, the nine-tailed fox. Everything about her just radiated perfection. Her soft lips, her gorgeous hair, those gentle eyes and especially her nicely curved body. She was the very definition of a goddess, truly perfect in every sense of the word. No wonder that she'd end up becoming your main, because her playstyle also appealed to you. The slightly suggestive tone of her voicelines always give you the chills. More than once you had dreamed of ever having a girlfriend like her, but that sadly enough would be impossible.

    That is until a certain fortunate day. While playing a game of league on Summoner's Rift, 5vs5, something odd happened. While pushing into the enemy base and nearly having wiped the last two towers, a suddenly bright blue flash filled up the entirely of your screen. You suddenly got knocked off your chair as a loud zapping noise made you cover up your ears, before hitting the floor and losing your vision for a slight moment. When you recover from the shock and lift yourself up you notice something unusual that makes your heart stop for a moment.

    There she is. Long, elegant dark hair. Perfectly done red nails. A pure white skin. A curvy body wrapped in the finest materials you have ever seen. It's her, the nine-tailed fox. In your room, mere meters away from you. She partially lays on the ground, with her upper body supported by her arms lifted up a little. Her colorful feral eyes, in combination with her expression, reveals that she also is rather confused at what just happened to her. A gentle sigh escapes from between her lips, her eyes still getting used to the artificial lightning in the room. She then notices you, as her fox-ears perk up and her gorgeous face turns to look at you. That's when you...

    • No text talk
    • I know I labeled it as NSFW, but don't just jump into the NSFW stuff. I want romance and such to also play a big role, while also maintaining a proper story
    • You need to know at least a little bit about LoL and Ahri (her skins/outfits for example and how she's like)

    Your character:
    • May be a male or female
    • Must be at least 18
    • May be an OC

    If interested, please ask for a personal message. In there we can possible discuss things a little more before we start.

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    i rp with anyone


    I'll rp this with you

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