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  • Dom male x thick bimbo

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Older male dom x 16-18 yr old virgin girl


    NOTE: This idea isn't completely fleshed out yet as I love to encorperate my partners ideas and kinks into my plots.


    (ps. I love a spit roast so if you want to play more than one character that'd be awesome - otherwise a dildo gag works - )


    Basic idea:  yc (preferably someone with power over her eg, teacher, brother/father, priest etc) plans to turn an innocent, skinny, virgin, into a thiccc, curvy fuck toy cum dump. Slipping aphrodisiacs, hormones and extra calories into her food, putting subliminal messages in her favourite music, tricking her into submission (eg mesmerising her with drugs in her food. - I'd also like to add in a bit of humiliation/degradation, bdsm/bondage if possible -)


    I have an album of preset girls linked below. Feel free to mix and match personalities, names and face claims. Or if you have a specific bimbo idea in mind you can pick a personality and I can find new images. I don't have any limit on breast or ass size (etc.) she's your clay to mould. (A big turn on for me is other characters making mc into his perfect little slut. Hence this rp lol.)






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