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    It's a chilly night. Normally you'd be going to sleep at this hour, but you've heard about the recent 'incidents' in the neighborhood and decided to stay up and prepare, just in case. From what you could piece together from the rumours, a powerful succubus has been going around draining the life force of several young men. It sounds too silly to be true, you'd think people are just making up excuses why they show up late. However, your family has a complicated history with the demon realm, meaning you aren't exactly fully human. This grants you a few advantages, the first of which being knowledge, granting you the foresight to evaluate the validity of the rumours and plan accordingly. 

    It is said after all that if you manage to capture a succubus and get her to call you her "Master" or "Mistress" a magical seal in the form of a pubic tattoo will form on her lower abdomen and she'll become unable to disobey you, essentially turning her into a slave. Although, that's just an urban legend. Not a single human has ever managed to do it. Partly because most of them don't even know about it, but mostly because the ones that do are unable to withstand the succubi's hypnotizing erotic magic to begin with. This is where another one of your advantages comes in. Your ties to demonkind mean you should have some innate resistance to their magic. 

    And thus, you lie in wait. Waiting for that unsuspecting succubus girl to fall right in your lap.


    So yeah, I think my scenario speaks for itself! Specifically, I'm looking for dom males or females who can write decently well. I'm not looking for super long messages necessarily, so don't sweat that. Quality is more important than quantity, after all! Anyway, I'd love to hear your ideas as well, send me an Ecchitext if you're interested!


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