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  • Everything is Fine! (Based on a WebToon - M or F needed)

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    "Is there... A problem...?"  
    "Oh, of course not - Ë̶͔͓̖̮̠̙́ͅv̸̦̊͌͗̋͛̌͊͂͝ë̴͎͙̹̱́͂̀̂̅̚͝r̶̗̜͖͂y̸͍̭̭͖̳̯̞̠͎̓͗̈̄͋́̔ṯ̷̻͉̖́͐̏̀̐̕ḣ̴̼̂̈ì̵͔̲̏̏̾͋̽n̴̹̜͍̺̝̳̎g̶̐̀̓̑̈́͛̍̚͜ ̴̛̱̭͔͍̖̳͍͆͑̎̔͗́̈́͜ĭ̷̹͈̪̪̻͖͇̞̃̏̾̃͝ͅs̵͔̖̲͉̻̄̕͝ ̴̯̞̰̂f̶̧̺̭͙͔͈̟͍̓̓͊i̴͙͐̀̔ň̶̲̩̫͚͛̋̉̒̆e̶͈̊̀̄̈́!̸̯̩͔͙̏͒͐̄͐"  

    ...They're watching. They're listening. Every thought... Out of line? They'll put you back in... you can't block them out... unless...

    Life was absolutely perfect here! You worked alongside your significant other, as boyfriend and girlfriend. Your life was perfect, as long as you held up your end, followed traffic laws, helped with dishes, obeyed law enforcement, acted like a courteous person, never bought more tinfoil than you needed, and reported anybody who acted strangely to the police! Wow, how easy was your life? 
    Golly, things were going so well. You both had each other, steady income, and the fulfilled, sufficient needs of a couple. Life was perfect... perfect...

    It's so far from perfect... You have to be on your best behavior... Don't end up like Alice... Or George...

    ...Who are Alice and George...? No clue, never met 'em! But conforming and being hand in hand with everybody else was part of life; you were doing your part. Though, it seemed your S/O was spending more time in their closet. They had you a little worried about them, considering they'd only come out every so often. One day, despite their constant claims that you shouldn't mix yourself up with their chores, you ultimately decided to butt in and snoop on whatever was happening in there...

    Inside of the closet was them, and them alone. Though, the walls were covered with aluminum foil.
    "...Oh... Hello, darling... So, I can explain."
    ...So, what's your next move gonna be...? You're supposed to call the police on them, after all... Or... did you really grow to love them...?

    //Alright, so this is based on a webtoon called Everything is fine. It's a very short read, like less than an hour, and I enjoyed it very much. I figured this kind of thing would be fun to make, so here it is. If you're not familiar with the webtoon but now you're interested, go read it before you decide on doing this, I don't want to spoil anything. If you don't care about spoils, this is essentially a dystopian world with some serious big brother shit, which I'll explain when we start. If you're familiar with it, then great! What are you waiting for? Let's do it! I only ask you have good grammar and are fairly descript. Also, this is straight. Either of us can be either role, though I play male better.


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