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  • Exposing 'myself' on the Internet!


    Since we're all grownups here, I'm pretty sure we've heard something about a website called "OnlyFans", right? A site where you pay some kind of sum to see erotic content, such as nudes or full-blown sex tapes. Best of all, most of the money goes straight to the creator, without the need of getting fucked over by a production company or the like. Maybe some of us even have accounts there to either provide or consume the content created there. Sometimes the creators have their faces hidden with masks, stickers or filters, but most often they are in full view. I honestly admire those kinds of people - that they are so sure and confident of their body and it's desirability, as well as not afraid to show it off to others for cash, social ramifications be damned.



    I've always had a kink about exposing myself. I don't know what caused it or why I like it so much, but every time I'm naked, even in private, I always get a rush of excitement that makes me want to touch myself. I often have daydreams of exposing myself in public, or taking nightly naked walks through my neighbourhood, but I can never muster up the courage to actually do it. The only thing I'm brave enough to do is walk around my home naked, and only when I know that nobody else is around, and all the curtains are slid shut. I've occasionally gotten the idea of creating a private account on Instagram or elsewhere to post racy or even naked pictures of myself, but the rational part of my mind always stops me, reminding me what could happen if someone I know (or who knows me) finds these pictures and decides to blackmail me or ruin my reputation. And so, it's only ever been a fantasy to me.

    Almost half-a-year ago I stumbled upon this site and began semi-actively writing out my lewd fantasies as a slightly better way of funnelling my libido, though I never could manage to write out exhibitionism scenes. One reason being that I didn't ask (because I was rather embarrassed about it), the other - no one ever requested it of me. However, about a month ago I posted some exhibitionism pictures in my "Fetish picks" gallery, and people seemed to like them quite a bit. So I decided to think up a prompt about an exhibition image that really got me heated just thinking about it:

    How awesome would it be to roleplay a racy Instagram account, using real (drawn) images?



    The setup for this would probably be rather time-consuming, and require the creation of a private club, but here's my idea:

    1. I create a club that essentially mimics a social media account and create a character with at least 100 racy pictures and 50ish outright sexual ones.
      • The biggest pain of this would be finding enough drawings for those "posts", since only fanarts might be consistent between artists. Technically, I could commission art for said character, but I have enough money to buy maybe 5 drawings at best. And having participants pay actual money so I could commission a hundred images would probably break this sites rules and get me banned. So fanart it is...
    2. In said club, I begin posting (probably) weekly pictures of my created character with some kind of comment or tag about it, which others can then comment on.
      • Probably just basic "Oh, that's so hot", "I'm jealous", "I want to be there with you", etc. Nothing too creepy like "I know where you live", OK?
    3. Over time, some personal information about my character begins to slip out, and the first person who manages to figure out the vague ID of the character, can start messaging them in another "PM" section of the club, and do... whatever. Flirt, blackmail, ask out on a date, I dunno.
      • To confirm if the ID really is figured out, you would probably send an EcchiText my way (aLittleCrow, not the character) with the required details you've figured out, and if I deem that it has enough correct data, you'll be allowed to create a post in the "PM" section.

    ... Now that I think about it, this prompt begins to sound like a weird and over-complicated contest to get to roleplay with me as said character. But you know, why not? It could turn out rather fun in the end. Though to make it an actual contest we'd need... maybe 15 people? 5 at the very least. And to make it feel sort of exclusive, set a limit to 50 or so people? To participate, not observe; I'm still planning of other people see how this dumbass experiment of mine fares, though the people who'd be able to interact with me would be restricted.

    Now, this is just an idea. I'm not going to set this up and begin to play right this second; most likely it would happen some time next year (probably during summer, unless I'm kicked out of Uni). Right now, I'm just posting this to see how many people would actually be interested in participating in this... contest/treasure hunt, I guess. Comment below React to this post if you'd be interested in a contest like this, with me being the grand prize.

    Fuck it, this now is actually a thing.
    I've made the club, though it's closed for now. But you can see how a "post" will most likely appear.
    (the image is only pixelated for now, when I start it off the images will be fully visible)
    Best thing to see there at the moment might actually be the rule section up above.



    I want to do a public exhibitionism play without any of the consequences, so I made a club which basically acts like a racy Instagram account, in which a character I made will be posting her near-nudes.

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