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  • F4M - In This Family, Daughters Are Free-Use!

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    Daddy told me about the tradition when I first turned 18. His mom did it when she was younger, his sister did it, his cousins did it - it was an old practice on his side of the family. Apparently, whenever someone's daughter turned 18, it became her job to keep the men of her family satisfied...*sexually*.

    I really didn't think it was that weird; my parents taught me to never be ashamed of my body, to be proud of my womanhood. So when the time came for them to tell me to start sharing it, it felt like it had just been a matter of time. The fact that I was always pretty gullible didn't exactly help...

    So after I blew out the candles on my 18th birthday and we all finished eating the cake, my new responsibility began!


    A pretty simple setup: 18 year old gal becomes the new free-use slut for her family. I'd like to discuss this a bit, pick a look for my character and set up a few scenes to play out. No larger, overarching story here, just good old fashioned incest 😛 For an idea of what kinds of scenes I'm looking for, here's a short list:

    • Daddy comes home from a long day at work. What's the best way to take the edge off? With a cold beer, telling his wife all about it while he bounces his daughter up and down on his cock.
    • My big brother has a big date coming up, and he's pretty sure he's going to score. But to make sure he doesn't fuck anything up, he could sure use a bit of pre-date practice with his sister's help.
    • Grandpa's birthday is coming up, and everyone wants to make sure they get him the right gift. While the rest of the family agonizes over what to get, I already know: My pretty little asshole, wrapped tight around his wrinkly cock.

    Of course, I was thinking I'm the only girl born in the family this generation, too, so I'm sure plenty of uncles, cousins, and maybe even distant relatives could stop by the house looking for someone to take care of them...

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