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  • [F4M] Legend of Zelda: A Ghost with a Breeding Kink [ Looking for King Rauru ]

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    The Hero of Hyrule experiences a "side effect" from having the arm of a demi-god: a body buddy with a breeding kink!

    After Ganon's defeat and the purge of the last bit of corruption from his body... Link starts having strange black outs. Long stretches of time where he zones out and snaps back to reality in a different place, some time having passed. Everyone around him claims he's acting "normal" during these black outs.

    The strangeness continues, notes appear around him. Messages from a person claiming to be King Rauru, suggesting that without the corruption to intefere his soul and Link's are alternating control of the Hero's body. The former King of Hyrule isn't alarmed (why would he be?) and says he's adjusting to a Hylian body well. Extremely well if you ask a few of Link's friends.

    Their options proceeding forward...

    -Link chops off his arm. Thus stopping the "Corruption".
    -Link accepts the situation. It's not too bad sharing your body with the King of the Zonai right?
    -Link merges spirits with King Rauru, becoming something neither Link nor King Rauru but it stops the back and forth.

    All these choices suck. But Link is stuck with #2 until a better option comes up. It's like having a roommate, right? A roommate that's never been a Hylian, doesn't have the same values, keeps showing up naked in people's bed chambers, and only sometimes cleans up after themselves.


    Looking for a Rauru for various situations! A couple ideas are the obvious "meet ups with Zelda" but there's a "tour" of the Gerudo village.

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