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    In the village of Durbrooke, teens growing up have one of two choices when it comes time for them to get out on their own: They can use what little money they have to buy a weapon and some armor and try their luck at adventuring, or they can learn to ply a trade. I've always been on the smaller, less-threatening side, so adventuring definitely wasn't for me. Instead, I decided to find a trade. Unfortunately, I've never had many other standouts talents, either. I'm not particularly gifted at blacksmithing, or weaving, or carpentry, but I couldn't just live as a beggar on the street! That left me with really only one option:

    Glat Osbuk wasn't the most well-liked resident of Durbrooke, but nobody could deny that the cantankerous old goblin knew how to run a successful business! His tavern was one of the longest-standing buildings in the village, and work waiting tables didn't have a reputation for being exceptionally difficult. So, with few other options, I practically begged the little greenskin if he could hire me.

    Of course, just because nobody said being a tavern girl wasn't hard doesn't mean the job didn't have plenty of challenges of it's own.

    I mean, the occasional off-color comment I can ignore, but some of Glat's patrons have a real problem keeping their hands to themselves when I'm refilling their drinks. And that's not even to mention my pay! I'm not sure what kind of other servers Glat's had in the past, but I can not live on a measly two silver a month. So I told him that we desperately need to renegotiate.

    Fortunately, the old goblin seemed quite open. If anything, he was quick to agree, much to my delight! The only condition to doubling my salary involved me doing a bit of extra work every night, after the tavern closed...


    So, here's the thing: I love getting fucked by guys that are either much larger than me, or much smaller than me. Today I happen to be in a "guys smaller than me" mood, hence, goblin prompt!

    For this, I'll be playing sweet, 14-year-old Anabelle Milton: a young gal coming of age in a semi-medieval fantasy village. Adventuring's not in her future, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a life of her own she wants to live! Of course, she needs money, which is what leads to her taking a job from the grumpy old goblin who runs the local tavern. I'm sure you can imagine what kind of "extra work" he has in store for her ;3

    Now, when I say I'm interested in a partner shorter than me, I mean really shorter. I want to have to get down on my hands and knees just so Glat can stand upright and plow me from behind. That doesn't mean I want him to be under-endowed, however; another of my kinks is hyperplay, so I would much prefer if he's packing a cock nearly the length of his whole torso. Something that can really tickle my cervix, and a pair of saggy, low-hanging balls to match!

    I'm open to including more characters as we go further in (it's only a matter of time before Glat decides to put me "on the menu", so to speak), but at least to start I'd like to focus on scenes between these two characters.

    Now, what would I like to see from you when you message me? First off, please put some effort into your reply! I want to see that you're interested in building up some fun, sexy scenes, so please don't just give me one or two sentences asking if we can RP. Bring some ideas of your own to the table, or tell me your own kinks and limits to get the conversation rolling!

    Kinks: Dubcon turned con, public sex and general degeneracy, rough sex, spanking, ass play of all kinds (spank it, eat it, finger it, fuck it 'til I can't sit down), creampies, ageplay, sloppy blowjobs/cock and ball worship, monster/beast partners, hyper play (cocks that bulge out my stomach and balls that hang down past your knees), weird cocks, dirty partners (smelly, sweaty, covered in dirt and grime), mild watersports (piss inside my ass or pussy, nowhere else, plz-thx <3)

    Limits: Gore, violence, puke, snot, scat, vore, feet, pregnancy

    I also prefer using image references for my character, so if you could, take a look through this album and tell me if any of the gals within strike your fancy. I'm using this to help us get started, but also as a way to gauge who is actually reading my entire post 

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