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  • [f4M] TULS Program - Bringing traditional Women back.

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    One of the country's most secretive yet most effective "reshaping" programs for college-aged women, the TULS program aims to teach traditional values of femininity to overly progressive women, priding itself in its 100% success rate.

    It operates through a word of the mouth system, with parents learning about it through other parents whose daughters took part in the year long program. Claims of hardcore feminists turning into hardcore patriarchs, sinful atheists turning into God-fearing women, liberal lesbians turning into traditional housewives, and other claims of the sort, put complete faith in the institution.

    All parents have to do is contact TULS while their daughter is home from college, and two members of the organization will drive to the provided location and take her, by force if need be, to their secluded establishments. There, the young women are met with a rigid yet safe living environment, where they undergo a series of daily activities and classes aimed at teaching them a woman's place in society, her role in a relationship, and her duties as a wife, as well as how to perform tasks like cooking, household chores, and making their husbands content, with maximum efficiency.


    At least, that's what the parents are told. In reality, the proceedures are much different. While the women range from eighteen years old to women in their early twenties, TULS' all-male staff consists of slightly older men - from men in their early thirties to their late fourties - that use very practical methods to get the women to break.

    When a woman arrives at TULS she's immediately stripped of all of her clothing and assigned a Master. This Master - a staff member chosen at random, unless one manifests particular interest in the new arrival - is responsible for showing her around TULS. He gives her a tour of the facility, hands her her daily routine, and, most importantly, gives her a welcome fuck against her will, undoubtedly establishing TULS' number one rule - consent doesn't exist. The men have complete control and free-use over the women, and they must obey their every command. They can be as rough and degrading as they want with them - some of the country's most virile men, they can easily overpower any resisting slut.

    The daily routine at TULS follows a strict schedule. The women are woken up at 7 AM and are immediately served breakfast - a healthy dose of cum, provided by a mandatory morning blowjob. Throughout the morning they take part in more theoretical classes, like history of the partiarchy, cooking and cleaning 101, and Christian teachings, for instance. 1 PM is lunch time - for the staff, at least. The women are expected to cook for their Masters, and are then allowed to share any leftovers they didn't feel like eating. Throughout the evening the more practical classes take course, ranging from worship of the male body, to cock riding, to deepthroating... anything you can think of, TULS has it. When nighttime comes, the women are given a good night fuck before going to bed, and no slut falls asleep without a freshly bred pussy and womb. In theory, the women are expected to follow this schedule extremely strictly, but it becomes way more lenient if any staff member feels like using one the women while they're in the middle of something. If diligent and responsible, sometimes the women receive gifts from the staff, like being gifted a slutty outfit to wear, being given an actual plate to eat, or being able to freely skip certain theoretical classes.

    Naturally, the contrary is also true. There exist multiple punishments for women who are disobedient. They're issued when a man's command isn't followed, when an attendee fails to comply with the schedule, when they fail classes and exams, and just when they break a rule in general. Staff members on the more cruel side however, are known for issuing unfair punishments just because they feel like using a slut, especially if said slut is known for being a troublemaker and hasn't learned her place yet. The punishments themselves range from lighter ones, like a simple spanking session or being put on dish washing or bathroom cleaning duty, to more hardcore ones, like being forced to walk with a vibrator up the cunt all day long or having to lick a Master's body clean after a workout. None of these are set in stone to me though, and they're for us to decide on together!

    Hello! Today I'm looking for a male partner to play out this dark prompt with - college-aged progressive women are sent to a "reshaping" year long program by their parents to become more traditional, the later thinking they're dispatching them to a strict yet safe environment, only for their daughters to be met with a sex prison of sorts, transformed into sex slaves while being broken and shaped to meet the old school values of femininity. I'll play as the female attendees, all aged from 18 to around 25, and you'll play as the male staff, all aged from 30 to around 50. Throughout the roleplay we'll follow the journey of the multiple women and men at TULS, as the latter are transformed into cock-worshipping sluts through the process I described above, starting off with an initial cast of characters and rotating them in and out as we go, as they finish the program in the women's case and as they retire, get fired or quit in the men's place. We'll come up with punishments, better define a crystal clear list of rules and daily routine, and firmly determine how things run at TULS together beforehand, as well as explore the different characters' relationships with eachother and their character growths throughout the roleplay.

    Please text me! Discord is an option as well. Reference pictures for both male and female characters are much prefered over written descriptions, as I enjoy having visual references for both the female and male characters.

    Kinks: Misogyny, sexism, free-use, traditional gender roles, rough sex, non-con, incest, raceplay, political play, dirty talk, breeding, impregnation, size difference, age gaps, unrealistic sizes, harem and more.

    Limits: Beast, gore, snuff, and scat.

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