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    Well its my first time posting here so hopefully it goes well!

    I'm looking for someone familiar with the Fairy Tail world and characters , to play one of the many girls! 

    The RP will take place during the Grand Magic Games tournament, specifically during the 1 on 1 battle part! The first part of the tournament was going just like it usually does. Lots of explosions, cheering and the power of friendship. But right before the 1 on 1 battle started.. the rules suddenly changed! No longer was it just a regular brawl.. Instead of winning just punching each other, the only way to win was to fuck your opponent into submission! Basically, the first one to pass out or give up, loses! Pretty simple.

    Specifically looking for someone to play one of these girls (in order from favorite to least favorite):

    I'll be playing an OC rookie mage with "Growth Magic", meaning he'll be able to increase the size of his junk!

    If you're interested in this plot, feel free to EcchiText me and we can talk about further details and stuff! Please be at least semi knowledgeable about the character that you choose!  I'm still very new to this site so please bear with me a bit!

    My main kinks are: huge/hyper sizes, rough sex, cock worship/praise, ball smothering, stomach bulge, excessive cum...

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