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  • Fantasy style roleplay

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    Basically I'm looking for someone to play an adventure-esk dirty roleplay, I'm fairly literate, pretty kinky, into all genders and we can do some really lewd stuff.

    the main premise is that we go on quests, the quests will often have a dirty twist to them, we do them anyways, and get paid our fair share~ just try not to get to twisted inside the dirty parts~ because it might divert the entire game~

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    of course, we live in a fictional world, most likely my dnd world in a simple village, there we basically start in a tavern, hit it off and decide to become adventurers(this can change if you have a different preference) obviously ny class is a fighter, you can decide what yours is, and we go on typical adventures that tend to have lewd twists.

    need to banish a bunch of slime? well prepare for them to try and subdue you as it's their Mating system

    need to solve an an ancient curse in an abounded mine? prepare to be possessed and have your lust turn into a chaotic and destructive desire!


    basically things like that

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    okay let's see.... the world is mainly split into four factions that hate each ofher but in a cold war sort of way... Also there's an ancient multi millennial dragon that's slowly rising to power, collecting Servants and burning cities, so there's stuff 

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    Even though the thread is silent for about 2 weeks now, I would also be quite interested in exploring and playing in this world, so if you'd still be up to RP it, please send a PM to me to get started 🙂

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