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  • Fear & Hunger RP

    Hello Friends, I am interested in doing a roleplay featuring characters from the game Fear & Hunger 2. It doesn't necessarily need to be set within the world itself, more on that soon. I'm mostly interested in the characters. Even if you don't play the games or know anything, please do apply if you're interested. I'll give brief descriptors of the characters and we can work through it together~

    Pairings I am looking for for this rp are any combination of Female, Futanari, and Trans Female. So FxF, FxTF, FxFuta, TFxFuta, any and all combos work. M x Any of the aforementioned may also be fine, contact me and lets talk.

    Fear and Hunger is a world that is plagued with cruelty. Two of the core mechanics is that, along with your HP pool, you have a Fear and Hunger meter, both of which have detrimental side effects if not tended to properly. You can lose body parts, be inflicted with permanent conditions, and it has heavy themes of... Trigger Warning for those who may need it.


    Rape, Drug use, Bodily Mutilation, and Death.

    So, that is why I say that playing within the world itself is unneeded. I would much rather focus on the characters. Each character has their own endearing traits that make them enjoyable. There are 4 main girls in Fear and Hunger 2 that I know somewhat well. I am willing to play any and all of them.





    Olivia ^

    Olivia is one of my favorite characters in the game. Olivia has a rather plush body with supple features, optional inverted nipples for those who like that sort of thing. Olivia is a kind, caring Botanist who is sort of out of place in such a cruel world. She's not much of a fighter due to her frail body ;in fact her legs barely work, so she is wheel chair bound. This isn't something that needs to be in the rp, I don't mind either way. If some soft gentle play is your desire, this one might be your girl. Definitely a submissive gal.




    Abella ^

    Abella is a strong, independent gal; someone you can rely on. She's an engineer who is a great help and is protective of those around her. Canonically a PAWG, with characters in game referencing just how fat her ass is. Probably has abs that look absolutely stunning when covered in sweat. Abella can either be a top or a bottom.





    Marina ^

    Marina is a Trans Girl and another of my favorites. Marina is a petite girl with modest breasts. She can be a bit bratty and playful at times, seeming to just go for whatever it is she has her mind set on; however, she can be quite familiar and friendly with people. Marina is an Occultist, having access to dark magics and knowledge on gods. One of these gods are Sylvian, the Goddess of Fertility. Having sex is a sure fire way to raise your standing with her; and Marina is well equipped with the knowledge AND the right tools to perform the job. Dominant or Submissive, methinks.




    Karin, a moody, sometimes bitchy journalist. She can be abrasive at times, but is very mission focused. I don't know quite enough about her just yet, but I am interested. She's the kind of gal who puts on a strong front; says what she thinks no matter who's feelings it might hurt. Might have more to her than I know currently. For sure a dom, but I have a feeling she likes for that dominance to be challenged.


    Plots, I've got a few premade ones, most of them featuring Marina with the other gals. We can also brainstorm a bit if none of these speak to you.

    1. Based on the pictures showing Abella and Marina together, the two would perform a (fake) ritual to Sylvian. Marina with her mind clouded with lust for her PAWG red-headed companion has every intention of blowing her friends back out. Abella none the wiser, is all for it. Though how Marina is going to explain it to Abella once all her holes are stuffed and no blessings are bestowed, who knows...

    2. Kind of the same as the first, but I'll play a harem of the other girls for you. Olivia, Abella, and Karin, just for you! Yes, you! Waow.

    3. Stuck on a train with nothing to do and just holding down the fort while the others out, YC is stressed from the trials of the day. MC, preferably Olivia or Abella, decides that maybe there is something they can do to take the edge off your mind. They'll show you a bit of love, as long as you don't tell the others~



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