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  • First Response: Special Crisis Response Division

    The apocalypse came and went, and while humanity came out scarred and battered, It lived and was able to rebuild back to early 21st Century standards relatively quickly. Of course with all the good that entails come the problems. Crime and Corruption, combined with the leftovers of the apocalypse : Easily weaponizable Diseases, both to enhance humans and break them, Seeming Monsters that are made of fire, And criminal opportunities a plenty with the leftovers from the apocolypse. Unwilling to let things play out the same as before the supposed end, where there where criminals who could not be touched, Drugs and Health crises who's response is tied in red tape, Fires and disasters response tied with priorities to property and elite with backroom deals. All made worse by the leftovers from the apocalypse. Vigilante groups formed from emergency responders, or resembling those, and became semi-sanctioned to deal with these threats. Theus Special Crisis Division was made. The Divisions are as follows:

    -Police/The Enforcers: Either active duty personnel, Retired or the victims of crime who decided to take matters into their own hands. All members having experienced some officially unsolved case. 


    -Fire Fighters/Inferno Breakers:


    -Medical/ Triage X:



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