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    While at the local tavern, Matthias leaned against the bar's countertop waiting for his drink to be poured. Turning back to look over the various customers at the establishment. He then spotted one woman who seemed to be sitting by herself. Matthias appreciated the new laws that had been passed to change society as the world knew it. Allowing individuals to freely discard their inhibitions in public and express their love where ever they wish without fear of reprisal. His mug of ale had been slid his way, picking it up and taking a sip before a few too many lewd thoughts would spark through his mind. Deciding not to let this chance pass him by, he took another deep gulp of his overpriced swill and promptly began walking to the lady's table. Coming well within her personal space, he would push the crotch of his pants right up against her face. Giving a few circular grinds to let his lower half feel alive before talking to her. "It's a nice evening, isn't it miss?"

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